10-Session Super Coaching Program


One of the “major” things that came out of my BIG 5 for 2017 was to be a better teacher for my Fitness Quest 10 team. I realize we have so many great teammates and it’s hard to water all of them all the time. I know they want more of my time and it’s not always easy to do that personally besides “team meetings.” And at “team meetings” there is not a lot of “teaching” that goes on. It’s mostly an update on all of our programs, logistics, new happenings, etc. We normally have a short 10 minute segment on education or motivation but it’s not enough in my book. So it’s time to do something about it!

I’m doing something I’ve never done in 2017. It’s actually one of my BIG 5. I’m creating a 10-Session SUPER Coaching Program for my Fitness Quest 10 team where I will personally lead these sessions throughout the year. I have already committed to dates/times (see below) and I’m incentivizing employees to be there. I can’t believe I’m doing that but I know if they show up, they WILL get better. And if they get better, our clients and members get better.
I’m willing to pay each of them $500.00 if they show up to all 10-sessions. Big price to pay? Not sure…. I look at it that if someone is hungry enough to block themselves out of the schedule, not schedule vacations or trips or anything during these times, than their sacrifice is worth INVESTING in. Time will tell how many make all 10-sessions, but I’m willing to do it if I can keep the thoroughbreds watered and fed. Otherwise, you end up with a bunch of donkeys and your time and energy go to them.

WHY DO I share with you?
1. We always need to be growing our teammates. What are you doing to GROW your teammates? I’m more “All-In” than ever and really excited about this program. Hope you are spending time with your teammates also.
2. You will benefit. I’m not sure I will video all of these lessons. But I will DEFINITELY share each & every lesson with you so that YOU can learn also. You are going to be receiving MORE content than ever in 2017 and this is just part of the great content you will be getting.
3. Stay on the cutting-edge. What I will be sharing, teaching, and providing is the most important, timely lessons that you can learn. If they are important enough for me to teach my team, they are important enough for YOU to learn. Since you are a Mastermind member, I view you as a “teammate.” Therefore, you are getting some “and then some.” You can expect your first lesson on Friday, January 13th (see below).

That’s it Masterminders. Prepare for an awesome year of learning and growth. I believe it’s the constant pursuit of excellence through learning that will enable us to fulfill our potential, purpose, and destiny. I look forward to delivering some great WOW to you in 2017.


P.S. See the email below I sent to my FQ10 or the attached document.


FQ10ers, I loved receiving so much positive feedback for the “Coaching Program” for our team. I put some more time into its development and most importantly, committed to some dates from NOW all the way through August. Not easy to do but I have all of these dates currently in my calendar. While they are subject to change, it certainly gives us a nice schedule to work off.

Next step is to get a commitment by any/all who are ready to go a bit deeper in their own professional and personal walk. If you are in, directions are below or attached.

Let me know with any questions. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you on January 13th.

See below on all details of the program:

TD Coaching Program for FQ10

Purpose: To provide professional education & personal growth for any FQ10 staff member or current intern. Todd will provide the majority of these coaching sessions on an array of topics pertinent to fitness, business, or personal growth.

There will be “10” sessions in 2017. Each session will last approximately 45-minutes long. There will be homework assigned at each session.

I’m looking for teammates who are committed to on-going learning “in-house” on topics that are “in the weeds.” There will not be fluff at the 45-minutes we have. It will be on practical skills, exercises, or knowledge that will enhance your growth and ultimately the client/customer experience.

TD Coaching Program—Each session is slated to last 45minutes. It will start at 5 minutes after the hour and end at the 50 minutemark of the hour.
1. Friday January 13th at 2 pm
2. Friday February 24th at 2 pm
3. Friday March 17th at 2 pm
4. Friday April 14th at 2 pm
5. Friday May 12th at 1 pm
6. Friday June 23rd at 2 pm
7. Friday July 14th at 2 pm
8. Friday August 11th at 12 Noon

* Session dates/time are eligible to change. If Todd can’t make a session, he will find a replacement.

When you sign-up, you “pay-in” $100.00. If you attend at least 50% of the sessions, you get all your moneyback.
If you don’t attend 50% of the sessions, the house divides it by the number of people left in the program.
If you attend at least 80% of the sessions, see bonus structure…

10 Sessions with TD…
100% Attendance –>$500.00 Bonus
90% attendance –> $250.00 Bonus
80% attendance –> $100.00 Bonus

The program will conclude in November 2017 but I am going to wait to put out the Sept-November dates for a while. As of now, we are committed through August 2017.

If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, sign-up today by walking in my office, and putting yourname on the sign-up sheet that will be on my desk between Wednesday January 5th and Sunday January 7th. Simple as that.

Thanks guys. I look forward to teaching you more than ever in 2017.


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