Had to Fire Someone This Week

Masterminders, good morning. I’m up bright and early as I have an extremely busy weekend. Looks like we will have 10+ games between the 3 kids in soccer, lax tourney, and hoops. Action starts up at 7:30 am with first lax game. BAM!!!

But first, let me share something real quick though before I get out and about…

I had to fire someone this week. I hate firing people. And so do you if you have that responsibility.

The adage is “hire slow, fire fast.” Most of the time that works. This time it didn’t. I actually hired real slow. And I fired real fast.

This trainer was only with me for a few months. I liked him as a person. Good guy. Good heart.

But wrong fit on the wrong bus.

When I talked to him upon his dismissal, he “got it.”

It’s always amazing to me when you let someone go that needs to go, how much you learn AFTER the fact. And it also amazes how much it improves the temperature of the team.

Whenever someone gets fired (or quits), I always reflect on what went “wrong.” Or could I have done something differently. And while we have little turnover at Fitness Quest 10, every time of transition provides an opportunity for growth.

In this particular case:
· I could have had “more” check-ins with him in his first 90-days.
· I could have made sure he was clearer on our ENTIRE employee handbook and the standards of practice at FQ10 (what time a session begins, what times a session ends; not eating during sessions, policy on coverage of sessions when on holiday, etc).
· I could have talked to more of his clients about his training and their experience with him.

All in all, my gut was telling me it was time to make a move. It would have been “easy” to keep him around for a few more weeks, months, or perhaps longer. But my GUT said don’t wait. And I’m glad I didn’t wait. I really made the decision in about one day and that was it.

Folks, no one likes change. But man, sometimes you truly do have “addition because of subtraction.”

Do you have any bad apples in the bunch?
Do you have any cancer on the team?
Or maybe you just have that one trainer on the team that despite talking to them about success, growth, or “hard work”, just doesn’t get it.

I am NOT telling you to go fire people. No one likes that. And maybe you can do more for your team to prevent that.

But I am telling you that when you go through change, sometimes it’s the best thing that can happen to your organization.

For that, I am thankful.

Much love,


P.S. I share this post with you guys because I share a lot of the insights at Fitness Quest 10. We have 38 people. It’s not always perfect. We are darned good. But we are never perfect. We strive to be GREAT and hold standards and expectations that are as high as they come. It’s not always hard to attract people that want success. But it is difficult to sometimes keep people that have to LIVE that every single day. But one thing that I will NEVER waiver on is my core values and what makes us unique and special. And I hope you do the same. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Don’t settle for average. It’s easy to lower your standards and dip down to everyone’s level. My calling is to keep expectations and standards extremely high and pull people up. Because that is what creates CULTURE and creates MAGIC.

P.P.S. Do your trainers/coaches “share” clients??
Fortunately, all of our trainers “share” clients. So all of this trainer’s clients will have zero problem training with all our other awesome trainers. But that one policy I believe has always been a game-changer for us as it connects the client to more than one-person in the business. That’s critical to do so that in the unfortunate situation where you have transition, the last thing you need to do is have clients/members leave also. Thank goodness for us, we will not be impacted one single client because ofthis.

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