100 Tasks You Can Delegate — Hiring an Assistant

PDF – 100 Tasks You Can Delegate
By Todd Durkin and Tim Phillips

A topic that I have been seeing come up is “Virtual Assistants.” I have had VA’s and I have had administrative/executive assistants in-house. Both have their advantages/disadvantages.

I am actually in the hunt for a new assistant myself as I do some re-org at FQ10/TDE. Think this will help our efficiency, productivity, and profitability as we balance out the focus of Fitness Quest 10 and the TD brand. While I won’t go into great detail now, I do want to share something EXTREMELY VALUABLE to you.

I have hired a service that is going to help me find the right match of a VA based on my needs. I have had 2-interviews thus far with the company, I will do a Kolbe test for them next week, and then they will begin to look for the right VA for me and my needs. It’s kind of like a “match-maker” service for VA’s.

Why am I doing that? They guarantee they will bring you YOUR Top 3 VA’s and eliminate any/all TIME you have to do in recruiting, trying people out, etc.
They TRAIN you and your VA how to work most effectively together based on your needs.

Why do I share? One of the things I’m doing right now is identifying all the $15-20 tasks I’m doing now that could be costing hundreds or thousands of dollars because of the 2-5 hours per day that I’m doing them.

So I asked the guy I’m working with (Tim Phillips, founder of www.GreatAssistant.com) for the PDF of the sheet he gave me to start identifying tasks. I asked so I could share with you because I found it tremendously gratifying to go through this list and see what I could ELIMINATE from my life.

Maybe you have someone on your team who can help you with some of these tasks?
Maybe you have a family member who can help you?
Or maybe you want to eventually hire a VA 10-hours a week or so to help you with some of these tasks.

That’s it. Simply wanted to share a few resources with you and help you be more productive and CREATIVE.

Peace out.


P.S. You might want to save this document so you can come back to it in the future when you want to visit what tasks you want to delegate again. Find it’s helpful to have a resource like this that almost serves as a checklist.

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