2017 Strategic Plan & Annual Roadmap

I am so excited & pumped to offer you what possibly might be the most powerful and important exercises you will receive from me all year in the Mastermind. WHY? Because what is found in this email will help you frame up YOU being your ABSOLUTE personal & professional best in 2017!

It’s time for your 2017 Strategic Plan & Annual Roadmap questions. This is the exact same process/exercise that I have been doing now for 9 years to help create success personally and professionally. This year, I have revamped & reorganized & over-hauled many of the questions to make it even more powerful and create more WOW.

This year’s plan has been revamped and reorganized to make it even more powerful. I have whittled it down and reorganized it to “only” 99 questions. Some answers are short…some are long…ALL are relevant and powerful.

I believe these changes & additions are going to help you further crystallize your vision, success, and significance even more. PREPARATION & hard-work are the keys to success and these questions will certainly help PREPARE you to be your absolute BEST.

Additionally, instead of waiting until Dec 27th or so to share the Roadmap with you (as I did last year), I am doing something different for you this year:

  • I recorded a ZOOM video/audio message for you (instead of just audio) to help you frame up your 2017 Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan. And I have attached your actual Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan document to this email.
  • What you will NOT have in this recording are my answers to the questions. I have decided to get the 2017 Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan (questions) to you earlier than normal and then I can share my answers next week.


  1. Print out your 2017 Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan (attached):  2017-strategic-plan-annual-roadmap
  2. Watch/LISTEN to the ZOOM message below
  3. Get working on it!!

password: 2017roadmap (all lower-case)

Before you get started with your 2017 Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan, I always like to talk about the “IF/THEN” principle. It’s the same principle I stress to my kids also.

And it’s something I’ve talked about in the Mastermind before also.

With my kids, I say this:
IF you practice hard, THEN you will get better.
IF you do well in school, THEN you will eventually go to a good college.
IF you go to a good college, THEN you will eventually, most likely, get a good job.
IF you have great behavior, THEN people will like you and it will help you in life.
IF you pray, THEN it will improve your spiritual life.

For us, it’s no different.

IF you continue to learn, THEN you will excel in your field.
IF you pay attention to your best practices, THEN you will find more success.
IF you surround yourself with the right people, THEN it well elevate your stream of consciousness and boost your mindset.
IF you have FAITH to believe in what you do and the COURAGE to believe in your dreams, THEN you can live your best life.
IF you lead with authenticity and genuine care, THEN you can build a culture and team based on TRUST.
IF you do things the right way, THEN good things ultimately happen.
IF you immerse yourself in serving your purpose and being world-class in all aspects of your life, THEN you will be most successful and significant.

You get the idea. And it’s no different for you & I in life. The “IF / THEN” principle is always in effect.

My friends, the “IF/THEN” principle applies heavily to the 2017 Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan.

IF you do this exercise, and you GO DEEP, and spend hours of time, effort, and energy on this over the next couple weeks….

THEN it will pay off in an extremely prosperous and successful year. It IS your ROADMAP to success and significance.

IF you do this exercise & invest time on it, THEN you WILL have the foundation for what will be an EXTRA-ORDINARY 2017.

It brings me great honor & pleasure to present to you your 2017 Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan. This is designed to help you create your biggest & BEST YEAR yet.

A few things you should be aware of:

  • I have 99 questions this year. As I have evolved, so has this exercise. These are the 99 questions that I believe are critical for YOU to answer!Don’t let the number “99” overwhelm you. Some of the answers will be one word. Some one sentence or one paragraph. But every single question of the 99 has a PURPOSE. And the entire PROCESS is going to greatly benefit you on all levels.
  • Do your best with the questions. I have been “goal-setting” for business and life for many years. But in the last 9 years, it has become much more formalized and systematic. These questions are extremely powerful. But even more powerful than the questions, are YOUR answers. The true magic is in what you write. So spend time writing. And feel free to write as much as you wish.
  • Take several hours total over the 2 weeks to write. Sometimes you will spend 30 minutes. Sometimes you will spend 60 minutes. Perhaps other times you will spend 2 hours. I probably spend 15-20 hours total on going DEEP on these questions between now and the first week of January.
  • Don’t get over-whelmed. Do what you can do. Find a few hours on a few different days over the next few weeks to do what you can. Enjoy the process. It’s a powerful one!
  • I have recorded a short message for you to frame-up your Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan. Listen in and get inspired to get going on it!

So print out your attached 2017 Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan Questions. Then LISTEN to my message that I recorded for you. I think you’re going to like it!

Time to dive in and CREATE GREATNESS for yourself:

Remember, these questions are designed to get your juices flowing and get you emotionally charged with excitement and enthusiasm. The questions are simply guidelines for you to start THINKING DEEPLY & WRITING FLUIDLY. The key here is to write and write and write. And when you go back and review your answers and write some more, GO DEEPER. The deeper you go with your answers, the more it will resonate with your emotions and your soul. And that is a GREAT thing.

So there you have it. The MAGIC is in the work that you do. These questions are simply vehicles for you to create structure to your thought process and create clarity in your ACTION steps. When all complete, you will have a total comprehensive STRATEGIC PLAN / ANNUAL ROADMAP that WILL help you achieve what YOU want to achieve.

Without further ado, let’s get started. Prioritize your time in the next few weeks to get it done. Whether it’s early in the AM, late at night, or time carved out in the afternoon, find a space you can be quiet and START THE PROCESS.

Get Your Strategic Plan Here!


P.S. Here are a few guidelines when I’m doing my Roadmap:

  • I will spend a 2-3 hours initially STARTING the exercise. This gets my mind flowing and gets me in “strategic” mode. This is a great place to be.
  • I will then go back at some point within a few days and spend another couple hours on it. I may expand the answers, I may have a few more answers, and I may just think & write some more. This is probably another 2-3 hours.
  • I will then most likely go back 1, 2, or 3 more times and read it, edit it, expand it, look at it. This may be 1-3 hours each time.
  • When all done, I print out my entire exercise, put it in laminate sheets and a 3-ring binder, and review it frequently. This serves as a living, breathing entity that allows me to stay FOCUSED on the Roadmap that I have created. It’s like a compass that gives you direction!

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