5 MUST-DO’s to Deliver a World-Class Onsite Corporate Wellness Program (Part 1)


I can’t believe today is the last day of September. Man, this month has literally flown by and I am pumped and excited to get you my monthly theme video for September, (in 2 Parts). As you may know, I have set this month’s theme for the Mastermind as “Advanced Digital Approaches to Marketing and Product Delivery.” The “digital space” continues to change, evolve and presents great opportunities for fitness professionals, regardless of product or service. The focus of my video this month is a topic that is rapidly emerging as a true growth segment of the health/fitness/wellness market, and that is on-site Corporate Wellness.

Many of you are operating and creating IMPACT in this space, and that is awesome. AND some of you want to expand your training/coaching services to the Corporate environment but are not exactly sure how best to do it.

Our TD Mastermind teammate, Lisa Williams (TD2 Platinum – Coach Larry), has been delivering world-class Corporate Wellness programs since 2004 (13 years) for companies with 50 – 3500 employees. Her company, Travel Trim LLC, based in Nashville, TN specializes in on-site Corporate Wellness and uses a robust online digital learning tool (software developed by Lisa and her team) to deliver her diverse and comprehensive programs to get the workplace ” healthier and happier ” as Lisa says.


My ZOOM webinar call (see the link below) with Lisa covers “The 5 MUST DO’s to Deliver a World-Class on-site Corporate Wellness Program. Lisa shares her many years of experience delivering on-site corporate wellness using her integrated digital online learning tool and has identified “5” Key areas that any fitness professional must be able to master to succeed:

1. Make Wellness part of the Culture
2. Education, Education, Education
3. Offer Diverse Programming
4. Great Communication
5. Compliance

We briefly discuss Lisa’s digital online learning tool in this 55-minute webinar. Lisa and her team have built the software from scratch, have beta-tested the product with 3500 employees at a major manufacturing business in Kentucky and she is now making it available for fitness professionals (it can be white-labeled) to similarly use to deliver a world-class onsite corporate wellness program.

I want to thank Lisa for taking the time with me to discuss onsite corporate wellness with the Mastermind and for providing such a valuable resource/tool to the fitness community.

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