7 Lessons from the Whiteboard

I filmed a special monthly video for you that I truly believe has the ability to greatly IMPACT you if you take your time watching it and really study my lessons. It’s called my “7 Lessons from the Whiteboard” and I’m pumped for you watch it. This is a MUST WATCH video!!!

As a matter of fact, I just had this new whiteboard installed in my office this week and I’m already loving it. Some of the best feedback I’ve ever received on our monthly coaching videos were filmed on whiteboards and that’s exactly what I do in this video—use the whiteboard to share my lessons. #PowerOfWhiteBoards

Is it the BEST one ever? That remains to be seen. That 100% depends on your feedback. WHY do I believe you will get a ton out of watching/listening to this one?

I share some great content from my investment in the GENIUS NETWORK, most of it from the LIVE event I attended earlier this month in Phoenix with some of the most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs in the world. I know I already shared that long email document with you from my takeaways from that event but I wanted to bring them to life and get really specific with them for us fitness entrepreneurs, trainers, and IMPACT-makers.

I have GROWN this year Masterminders, and as I GROW, you GROW because I am passing on many valuable nuggets on Life and Business.

I LOVE coaching and teaching from a big, spacious WHITEBOARD – it is just great for THINKING BIG and DRAWING BIGGER ideas, strategy, and tactics. Get ready to breathe in some “rarified air here.”

I share 7 BIG LESSONS on Business, Leadership, Self-Development, Marketing … AND then some in this video.

I ask you to share some of your favorite lessons and answers to questions that I pose during the video over on our private TDMM FB page

Let’s have some fun and GO THE ACTION. See you over on the WHITEBOARD!!

The password for the video is all lowercase: seven

The duration of the video is: 62 mins


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