SRCA Ads for Mastermind

Masterminders, I would like to provide a “marketing” lesson for you today. The other day my awesome Marketing gal McKenna came to me with the “monthly ad” in our local community newspaper.

As always, I look it at intently and “through the eyes of our ideal client.”

I read it two or 3 times and see if it “grabs” my attention.
Does it have a catchy headline?
Are the pictures of smiling people depicting our culture.
Is there an offer with a deadline?
Does it sell benefits instead of features?

Well, in this particular one, I want you to see what’s “wrong” with it?
Not that it’s “wrong”…but it’s not strong.

My response…People don’t COME to FQ10 to have FUN. that’s not the reason they come here. It might be a result once they START coming but that’s NOT WHY they come. They come to lose weight, or feel better, or get faster, or get STRONGER.

Line 2: Take Your Fitness to the Next Level this Summer…
My response…Not bad but I can’t get by the first line so the 2nd line doesn’t matter.

The 2nd advertisement we worked on together and tried to APPEAL to the EMOTION of our client.
Added in some benefits of what will happen WHEN they train with us.

You can see that it’s a small change…but a BIG change.

Just want you to think critically about EVERY SINGLE WORD and SENTENCE you put into your marketing. It counts.

Thanks team! Just wanted to share a “marketing lesson” with you today.



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