9 Strategies to Improve Your LEAD GENERATION!!

9 Strategies to Improve Your Lead Generation!!
by Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS

One of the most common questions I get centers around this, “Todd I need to get more new clients in the door. I think we have good systems, a good culture and good people. We are just not attracting enough new clients. How can I do that?

OK, that would be considered a LEAD-GENERATION problem.

I often hear a lot of reasons why this is the case.

First, let me share some of the reasons/excuses I often hear:

  • “There is a large box gym down located a few miles from us that has all the shiny bells & whistles and we can’t seem to tap into that. How can we do that?”
  • “There is just way too much competition and there are 4 studios located within 5 miles of here.”
  • “We don’t have a big marketing budget to spend on getting new people on the door.”
    To which I ask, “How much is your marketing budget?” And the answer 99% of the time is “Well we really don’t have a budget. It’s just whether it makes sense and if we can afford it.” Hmmm…

Whether these are legitimate reasons, excuses, or just the mere facts, the bottom line is you need new clients. So let’s do something about that.

The issue often seems to be in ATTRACTING new clients. And reaching new “leads” through your marketing efforts.

So let me dive into LEAD GENERATION SYSTEMS a bit deeper and see if you can execute the following strategies to enhance the number of new clients coming in the door. If you do these, they will lead to new LEADS and hopefully more clients!

  1. Your WEBSITE. Yes, I said your WEBSITE. Last I checked, GOOGLE is still very powerful and people are still on GOOGLE all the time. And your WEBSITE still is important. Are you giving it any love? If not, START here. A few important things…
    1. Is your website mobile friendly? If not, get with the times. It MUST be mobile friendly.
    2. Is your site ranked high and does it come up on first page or two of a Google search for personal trainer/fitness/gyms? If not, why not? Is it a WordPress site or site that allows you to continually upload new blogs (good for SEO) and have your social media feeds on there?
    3. Is there a powerful “lead capture” form on your website? Sometimes this is called a “lead magnet” but let’s not get intimidated by fancy jargon.

      If you don’t have one, create one THIS WEEK. On our Fitness Quest 10 site, we get approximately 22 leads a month from our Opt-in Box that lead directly to a consultation. 18 of the 22 people on average convert into becoming a part of our program as a client or member.

      That could be a “10-Day Jumpstart Program”, “3 Secrets to Lose 6 inches and 10 lbs in 30 days” or come up with something that you are passionate about that you think represents you well and that people WANT. And START WRITING.

  2. OPT-IN or “Lead Capture” on your website or Landing Page.
    Wait a second…you are thinking, “Didn’t Todd just say that?”

    Yes I did. But let’s say you want to have multiple “Lead Captures” or “Opt-ins” or you want to just create a separate Landing Page on ONE TOPIC and “funnel” them into your program (Don’t freak out because now we are talking “leads” “funnels” and “conversions”.

    These are just fancy terms for strategies to get new clients in the door). For example, we have multiple “opt-ins/lead captures” on my www.FitnessQuest10.com site. This way, they might not sign-up for one thing but they really like another topic and will put in their name and email for something else.

    And it ALL leads to same thing. Know your purpose…For us:

    As far as creating Landing Pages, you can create that through “LeadPages” or “InstaPages.” There are other ones that exist but I know we use LeadPages on all of the different landing pages we have (3.5 Day Mentorship, Mastermind Program, STRONG Opt-in, WOW Opt-in, etc.).

    Your landing pages could be hosted on your main URL or you can get a different one. Most of the time we host the landing page on our main URL and it just has a back-slash after it. Ie. www.ToddDurkin.com/wowbook, www.ToddDurkin.com/STRONG

    But you can very easily have it as it’s own URL also (that’s what we do for the 3.5 Day Mentorship Program and the Mastermind Program you are part of).

    2 examples of these kinds of Landing Pages with separate Landing Pages:
    www.DoseOfDurkin.com – one purpose of that page is to get people to sign up for the Dose of Durkin. There are NO other options there but to sign up.

    This is a bit more in-depth about the Mastermind but the purpose is to explain the Mastermind and get people to sign-up for the Mastermind.

    (You will see an opt-in on that page where one gets my 60-minute keynote Turning Your Passion into Profit if they opt-in). And that would bring them down an auto-responder sequence as well.

  3. What is your follow-up sequence like?
    If you say, “It stinks” or “I don’t have one” than FIX IT. Please do NOT complain that you don’t have enough LEADS coming in the door until you at least can get to this point. Spend the weekend writing out your sequence and what you want your potential clients to do after they OPT-IN to your “lead magnet” or offer. Wile the first auto-responder email is often a heart-felt THANK YOU, get in the heads of your potential clients and engage with them as much as possible.

    Encourage them to ask you their Top 2 questions as it relates to their health & fitness.
    Encourage them to hop over and LIKE your FAN page and connect with you through that.
    Invite them in for a complimentary class.
    Invite them in for a consultation.

    I would suggest spacing these emails out every 3-6 days in the beginning. Some emails are purely CONTENT laden.
    Others are invites to come to specific programs/classes you are offering.
    Do your best to engage with them and create a relationship with them.

    It’s going to take YOUR creative juices but this is your entrepreneurial responsibility to lace up your big boy/girl pants and get auto-responder sequences DONE.

    Why is this important?

    Once you have earned the trust to have someone give you their name and email, NOW is when you have to perform for them.

    A couple reminders:
    a. Deliver them what you say you’re going to and WOW them with it.

    b. Have a “thank you” for opting-in and let them know your plan with them. For example, I have automatically signed you up for my 1x per month newsletter and weekly motivational text program or whatever you deliver. But make sure you set the expectation to them on what they should expect from you. Be real. Be fun. And start the “dating” relationship.

    c. Don’t forget about the P.S. I LOVE “selling” in the P.S. Fill the email with content. And sell in the P.S. This way it’s a CONTENT-LADEN email and the sale is a by-product. And people don’t feel “sold” to. And everyone reads the P.S.

    Always remember, “People don’t like to be sold to…but they love to buy.”

  4. Have a PHENOMENAL trial offer for potential new clients/members. We do a $189 30-day trial offer. And they get the whole kitchen sink thrown at them. Besides the membership they get to the facility, they receive one personal training session, one Pilates session, a 30-minute massage, 4 class passes for them, and 2 guest passes for classes for a friend or family member.

    75% of our “trial” members convert into an on-going client/member. Whew—that is HUGE. We promote this heavily to new people as it’s a great introductory “try it before you buy it” opportunity.

    Do you have a trial membership? If not, create a trial-offer NOW and begin to market it.

  5. Social Media.
    I’m just talking SM from a “lead generation” aspect now. And I’m talking primarily Facebook and Instagram. Don’t think Twitter is worth it from a “lead generation” aspect. Invest your time in FB & IG because that’s where the majority of your clients are hanging out.

    Are you 1-2 times a week scheduling a post to go out around content that deals with the topic of your “opt-in?”

    So if your Opt-in is Top 5 Tips & Secrets to Bust Belly Fat, your FB post laden with great content might be something on Cortisol and leptin and how hormones are responsible for the fact that you can’t lose the fat/inches you want. And then get them over to your opt-in to get ALL 5 answers…

    Schedule a post like that 1-2 times a week and your opt-ins will increase dramatically. And then your back-end “machine” can go to work with your auto-responder emails.

  6. Speak at as many events, organizations as you possibly can. You or a teammate should speak at least one community outreach per quarter. But ideally once a month. So contact your local organizations and put on a “keynote” for them at their next meeting. Organizations include:
    a. Local Woman’s Club
    b. Kiwanis Club
    c. Knights of Columbus
    d. Toastmasters (might be good for you to join them anyway for speaking and networking).
    e. Sports Club

    And whenever you speak, you should always bring swag, goodies, and services to raffle away; bring collateral to offer to people, and don’t forget forms to capture names/emails so you can have a raffle.

    If you can add 20-30 people or more at each of these talks, these are “warm” leads that can become HOT when the time is right.

    Keep serving!!

  7. What is your RE-ACTIVATION Campaign Like?
    Once or twice a year, email all the clients who have not been in for 6-months or more. And welcome them back to your studio or club with an incredible special or deal. These are the people whose “life has gotten in the way” and need to be prompted/persuaded/bribed to get back into the training routine.

    Examples might include “25% OFF Membership If you purchase this weekend ONLY” if you are a facility that focuses on Small-Group/Large-Group Training.

    Or “Buy 12 sessions and get 6 sessions FREE” if you are predominately personal training.

    Now before you say “I don’t believe in discounts” or “why such a drastic reduction in price,” last I checked, these people were not training WITH YOU OR YOUR BRAND FOR the last 6 months or more anyway. So starve or get them back?!

    GET THEM BACK & maybe you do a campaign once or twice a year and you limit it to a couple days that they can re-enlist at the special savings.

    While a “Re-activation Campaign” is not directly a lead-generator, it definitely does “LEAD” former clients/members back into your gym.

  8. If you want to EAT…You MUST have a FEEDER Program!!!
    What is your easy in-roads for people to become part of your program? Sure, you may have the 30-day trial program but that alone is not going to give most clients the accountability or camaraderie that a good “feeder program” offers. I love our 30-day program and it works but it attracts a totally different person than our “feeder programs” typically attracts.

    The feeder program that is working great for us right now is the:

    10-Day Fit Camp. 10 Days of Consecutive Fitness. After 10 days, they are left desiring MORE…And we convert them into large-group training EFT program at $130 per month or they sign-up for personal training.

    There are other ones we have done.
    6-Week Biggest Winner we typically do at the beginning of the Year.
    21-Day Jump Start
    Little Black Dress Program
    Bikini Boot Camp

    There are several reasons WHY you need a feeder program?

    1. It gives clients a chance to experience you/your business before committing deeper.
    2. It gives you the opportunity to SELL something with very little risk. It’s short term. You are not asking someone you don’t know or doesn’t know you to commit to something long term…YET!
    3. People typically uber-focus during the length of the program and get great results.
    4. They are fun. There is usually a surge in energy when a program is going on.
    5. New people have the chance to connect with other new people. That fosters camaraderie. That’s a great thing.
    6. Cash-flow spike. If there are 20, 30, 40, or 50 new people signed-up for a 10-day program and they are paying as little as $75.00 for the program, that could be a cash-flow increase of $1,500 (for 20 people) to $3,750 (for 50 people).

      If it’s a “Little Black Dress” Program with 30 women and it’s a 6-week program at $300, that’s a $9,000 revenue spike. But you have to create an incredible value that far surpasses the $300 price-tag on that.

      And regardless of which “feeder program” you choose, you need to market the heck out of it. Your email. Social Media. Word of mouth. And yes, Facebook ADS.

  9. Facebook ADS.
    I saved it until last. It’s the shiny object that most people just want to jump into first. Why? Because they are often desperate!

    And as much as I like FB Ads, I think too many people just want new people and jump into FB Ads first without all the other necessary ingredients… and without strategy.

    It’s like eating the cherry at the top of the cake and licking all the icing but never touching the cake. That wouldn’t be as good as eating the whole cake.

    Here is an even better analogy (although I do like that cake one.):

    It’s like building a monument but forgetting to pour cement in the foundation. It WILL crumble.

    Do I like Facebook Advertising? Yes, absolutely. I use them A LOT now for many different reasons. But I also have all the other LEAD GENERATION systems in place. We have a strategy with FB Ads and we execute the strategy.

    I hate to say Facebook Ads is the “easy” thing to do…but it’s the easy thing to do…IF it’s done right.

    And that’s the key. In the beginning, I wasted a ton of money “promoting” our programs or posts. And it was like throwing money down the drain.

    Now we do it the right way. As a matter of fact, you have the step-by-step guide on how to create effective Facebook ADS on the Mastermind Website that my Director of digital media & marketing Rob Ewing created. So look at that and LEARN them.

    And if you say you don’t have the desire to LEARN it and you just want someone to do it for you, than I proudly say we have people within the Mastermind that you can hire to help you with this.

    What are you willing to spend a day in a FB AD? $10 a day? $20 per day? $30 per day? Only you know that based on your “budget.” (Yes, that “B” word again).

    Here is the thing with Facebook that you must realize. It’s going to cost you to play. Set a Budget of how much you want to spend on a campaign and than monitor your campaign to ensure the R.O.I. from your efforts.

    Masterminders, it takes a LOT of effort and strategy to improve your LEAD GENERATION process & systems.

    It also takes time. But my hope is that over the next few weeks and even months, you work diligently on this to improve your ENTIRE Lead Generation System. If you do, it will pay off.

    If you don’t, you will be left asking “Todd, I need more clients in my business and not sure what to do…help!!!”

    Don’t be that guy or girl that just needs a safety flotation device thrown to them because you are drowning without any NEW clients.

    Time to sit your tails down and get working on a few of these tasks/projects. INVEST the time, energy, and effort into them and your lead generation system will undoubtedly improve…and you WILL have new people coming through the door.

    I know you can’t do ALL of them right away. But you certainly can do some of them. The more you do, the better. Choose which ones NEED the most attention right now and resonate the most and get working.

Thanks team. Would love to know if this email helped you and where exactly you need to personally dive in deeper. Your business will prosper and you will prosper. And perhaps most important, your CLIENTS will prosper.

Much love…and many LEADS!


P.S. People Always Read this Section!
You see, you are reading the P.S. right now. I’m trying to help you become a better writer this week and a more EFFECTIVE marketer. So start putting some P.S.’s in your emails and watch what happens.

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