A Blowout and My Tow Truck Driver Danny

I had to drive to LA yesterday for a meeting. I really did not want to go but did so anyway.

On my drive home at about 9 pm, my back right wheel had a blowout on the 405 freeway. Driving rain storm, late at night, and stuck on the side of freeway. NOT GOOD!

Within minutes, a CHP officer came up and instructed me to slowly proceed off the exit ramp (I was on the shoulder not far from an off-ramp) and park on the side-road. I was in an area called “Signal Hill” of Long Beach.

Thoughts raced through my mind of “OK, who in the Mastermind should I call in the LB area to come get my broken-down butt” or “I wonder what hotel I’m going to end up in tonight because all the car shops were closed.”

So I called AAA and they came within 30-minutes.

The BEST news was that I had the TOP AAA plan so they could tow me up to 100 miles. So I googled my San Diego Tire shop and I was exactly 94-miles away. BAM.

I spent the next 3-hours in the right lane going 55 mph late last night with my new friend Danny, the TowTruck Driver.

Danny was a big Samoan dude. He spoke a bit of English but very broken. He’s from the island of Somoa and speaks mostly Samoan. Danny told me that he has a wife and young daughter.

He told me he works 5-days a week from 5 pm until 5 am. He told me makes $1,200 every 2 weeks “take-home” and that he feels blessed that he has a steady job to provide for his family. And while he said it’s not a lot of money, it sure beats having NO job or inconsistent work.

When Danny dropped my car off at the tire shop here in SD about midnight last night, he told me would drive me to my house (about 7 miles more from the car shop and yes, a little over the 100-miles they are allowed to bring customers). So I was pumped that I didn’t have to then get an uber in SD at midnight.

I was very appreciate and gave Danny a very generous tip just to say THANK YOU. And I told him to take his daughter and wife out to a nice dinner on me for him being such a nice guy.

Troops, sometimes we hit potholes and have a “blowout” in life. It sucks. But there is ALWAYS some good that can come out of it. Heck, I was safe, I had a warm rig to drive home in, I got some posts/texts/emails done in the tow truck (heck, I even filmed a Dose of Durkin from the Tow-Truck :)), and I met a hardworking blue-collar young man busting his butt to make ends meet. Boy am I thankful!

Create a great day…and if you hit any potholes or have any blowouts, look for the silvering lining. They are always there!


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