Branding & Selling via Social Media
by Natalie Jill
Password: jill10

Many of you were present at the Annual TD MASTERMIND Retreat, and one of the topics of discussion and study was the online digital marketing space and how social media is critical to Branding and Selling in that space. I featured Natalie Jill, one of the most successful fitness entrepreneurs (2.5 million followers on FB and IG) who has mastered and continues to master social media for Branding and Selling.

Natalie delivered a genuine and 100% “on-point” presentation. I think she absolutely knocked it out of the park and did nothing but drop bomb after bomb. It was one of those presentations that even if you were there live, you could watch 2-3x over and over and keep getting out great information. Here were some of her topics.

  • Her personal story – challenge, adversity, was $1.4 million in debt
  • How “rock-bottom” is the perfect place to rebuild your life
  • Vision Boards WORK!
  • The Absolute POWER of FEELINGS.
  • The IMPACT of the smartphone on business and life
  • How a $10 PDF created a community
  • It is NEVER about YOU!
  • You cannot be anybody else
  • You are 100% accountable for your success and failures
  • You create your own opportunities
  • You MUST CARE about people and they must FEEL THAT YOU CARE about them.
  • You have to know how to have a conversation with people online
  • People WILL FIND the money for WHAT they want regardless of the cost.
  • What message are you trying to evoke on social media – think it through
  • Your IMAGE must match your target audience
  • YouTube and Pinterest are great CONNECTOR platforms
  • GO DO IT!

THANK YOU, Natalie Jill, for delivering such an IMPACTFUL and memorable presentation. I am really really proud to share this with you and to have Natalie OK the right to share with you all. This is for INTERNAL USE in our Mastermind ONLY and is not to go outside our group. Thank you!


The Password for the video is all lowercase: jill10

Duration is 55 mins.


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