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Brick & Mortar
Password: mortar10

I have received several requests from some of our Mastermind teammates who attended the 11th Annual Retreat here in San Diego in March that they wanted to view the Brick and Mortar interactive module that I facilitated on the Sunday morning of retreat. There was a ton of content presented and many great contributions from the audience as well.

I decided to share with ALL as this is the ESSENCE of what most of us do. It’s our businesses, jobs, and LIVES.

For all of you who own a Brick and Mortar Business or perhaps want to own one someday, here you go: the entire 82 mins of my Brick and Mortar presentation at the retreat.

For all of you who do NOT own a B&M business, it definitely is still applicable because the brand you work for need be profitable and successful so that you can function and deliver your impact and message to your clients and members.

Additionally, I have attached my handouts/working notes (9-pages) with some of the essential areas (People, Programs, Processes, Promotion, and Profit) that YOU MUST master as a Brick and Mortar business owner.

Enjoy the show and I recommend watching this several times over. Additionally, much of this is applicable to your team if you want to share parts of this with them also. Enjoy!!!

The duration of the video is 82 mins.
The password is all lower case: mortar10

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