C.A.R.E. The Recipe to Going from “Trainer” to COACH!

C.A.R.E. – The recipe to going from “trainer” to COACH!
By Gonzalo Perez Helguero

Many moons ago, when I decided to become a “trainer”, ALL I really knew is that I wanted to do is help people look better and feel better.

That’s it!

I had no clue as to how I was going to accomplish that. I had no knowledge of training, nutrition, or even business savvy.

However, I did have ONE thing that was going to put me where I am today; I had C.A.R.E.!

Everyday, I was eager to step in the trenches and get to training. I was excited to seeing people making progress. More importantly, I was determined to watch them transform their lives.

I felt God was telling me: “Gonzalo, this is it! This is your path, your calling, and your destiny. And you have to COMMIT to it.”

I went from a good stable “job” to utter and complete uncertainty. I went from waking up at 7:30am to getting up at 4am daily. I went from a 9-5 job to a “from when I open my eyes – until I close them” lifestyle.

My world turned upside down!

The journey would not be easy by any means. But quitting was NOT a choice. All I had in my head was God whispered in my gut “..You have to COMMIT to it.”

And to this day, I did! (And AM until the day I die)

Now, I was COMMITted and fired up about this my journey and learned all I thought I needed to in order to be a good “trainer”. But boy was I wrong!!

I thought it was about me and how I wanted to help them. I thought it was about them doing what I said and no other way. I thought it was about being the most feared drilled Sargent around.


I had forgotten the most “basic” and key fundamental principle to helping people. I’d forgotten to ASK them what they needed and how I could help them.

So I started ASKing questions. Simple things like: “What are your goals?”, “What are your struggles?”, and “WHY do you want to do this?”

Man, what a difference that made!!

ASKing questions and listening to their answers helped me understand their pain more. It allowed me to help them more adequately and provide them with the right tools. It brought me closer to them. It took me from being their “trainer” to becoming their “COACH”!

Funny enough though, the more questions I ASKed, the more I could related to them because of my own fears, struggles, insecurities, triggers, failures, etc.

But they didn’t know this!

There were a lot of people I was helping. I had a lot of success stories under my belt. Incredible transformations. Many even followed in my footsteps and turned to the Fitness Industry. But I wasn’t creating the IMPACT I wanted. I wasn’t reaching everybody!

You see, in their eyes, I was perfect and knew no struggles. In their minds, I was never fat nor insecure. In their opinion, I wasn’t “human”. Therefore, I couldn’t really get through to ALL of them.

That’s when it dawned on me!

If I was to connect with them at a deeper level, then I had to change their view of me. If I was to reach the masses and have an IMPACT in their lives, I had to RESONATE with them at their level. They had to “know me” (Fluffy G) and my story: my fears, struggles, insecurities, triggers, failures, etc.

So I started sharing my story. I shared how I once went from a size 31 to 40. I told the story of how I once found myself in the deepest and longest depression of my life. I painted the picture to them of my monumental struggles with sweets, fried foods, and alcohol during my time of depression.

I shared with them the exact recipe that took me from FAT TO FIT. I became more “relevant” to them because they RESONATED with my story.

Oh and that’s when they actually started to listen and my coaching began.

My message took better shape and became sharper. I projected my voice better and my delivery became clearer. My coaching topic had purpose and my plan was strategically prepared in advance. My efforts were more efficient.

Now, why was all that necessary??

Well, from the beginning, the intention was to help people become better. But the only one way to help them accomplish this is to ENCOURAGE. And ENCOURAGE them on a daily basis.

You see, they’d never had that. Some of them didn’t know what having ENCOURAGEment on their side was like. Most of them didn’t realize that their past failures came from NOT having ENCOURAGEment on their journey.

But once they got a taste, ALL OF THEM experience success like they never before.

The switch in their brains went on and their light bulb lit up brighter. All of the sudden, their time at the gym was more efficient. Their training had more purpose. Their efforts to improve their nutrition had more meaning. Their progress had more SIGNIFICANCE. All around, their journey was more exciting.

And this, my friends, is the simple recipe to creating IMPACT in the world as a Coach:

Simply C.A.R.E.!

I hope you can see the JOY I get from being in this field. I hope you can understand the LOVE I have for what I do. I hope you can feel the PASSION behind all my efforts. I hope you can recognize that I’m not longer just a “trainer”.

I am a Coach and I C.A.R.E.!

I – Commit
I – Ask
I – Resonate
I – Encourage

A Coach For Life,

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