Are You Contagious…and Self-Talk


Here are some great thoughts today to help you WIN the day.

1. Remember that YOU are CONTAGIOUS. Whether you are in a good mood or a bad mood today, you feel great or you feel like crap, or you are positive or negative, YOU ARE CONTAGIOUS and people are going to catch what you have.

If you are positive and feeling great, SPREAD it.

If you are feeling blue, tired, weary, negative, or sad, do everything and anything possible to switch it. Otherwise, people are going to catch your disease and it’s going to contaminate the world with bad energy. And there is already way too much of that. And you and I both know that you are NOT designed to do that.

2. Be careful of your SELF-TALK. What do you keep telling yourself? If you keep telling yourself you’re tired, weary, down, etc., then YOU will manifest those thoughts.

I think it takes great discipline to make sure you shift your mindset if/when you use negative language/self-talk. Ultimately, it will crush you if you think nothing but negative thoughts.

Change your self-talk/self-language and it will change your programming. You can say things like:

  • “I’m facing a great challenge but I am STRONG and will get through this.”
  • “I can do this.”
  • “Smile…make a difference today.”
  • “Win the day”
  • “I may be tired but that is just evil trying to knock me down. And I will NOT let that happen.”
  • “Bring it on…I will rise up to the challenge.”
  • “Give me the weak, weary, sick, and tired…And I WILL inspire.”
  • “Energy…energy….energy”
  • “I will not get knocked down…keep moving forward.”
  • “Find a way”
  • “Suck it up and stop feeling sorry for yourself.”
  • “Get UR mind right”

These are just some of the ones I use myself. Find ones that work for you and like a broken record, say them to yourself ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

Masterminders, a simple reminder that you are made of greatness, represent greatness and designed to deliver greatness. But it’s your responsibility to manifest greatness. And that often means winning the battle between the ears.

Today, I want you to contaminate everyone you come in touch with absolute positivity. Remember, you are contagious and let’s spread positive energy and contagious enthusiasm (#Contagiasm) in all you do. And lastly, nothing but positive self-talk today. Dismiss negative thoughts and self-talk and remind yourself what you are destined to be.

Remember, if you win the day, you win the week. And if you win the week, you win the month. And if you win the month, you win the year. And you just keep manifest “winning.”

Thanks for being GREAT. Dominate the day! Love you guys.


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