Content Calendar for Mastermind

Masterminders, Happy Wednesday. I hope you are primed for a great day and you are focused on the “one thing” you need to do today to make it a winning day (it could even be that video I sent out last night. Hint hint).

As mentioned a few weeks ago, I spent a record amount of time on my 2017 Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan. A lot of my time wasn’t spent in just answering the questions. It was also going DEEP in developing STRATEGY to help me get to where I want to go.

I broke down different segments of my business and than went DEEP on each of them.

One of the areas that I spent a few hours on was the Mastermind; my goals; how I wanted to make it even better in 2017 and what we could do to make that happen. Part of the process was for me to develop my “content calendar” for the year on what the coaches and I will be delivering you.

One aspect of the calendar deals with business/leadership/marketing.

The other aspect deals with “TRAINING”. As you know, I’m still in the trenches digging ditches and loving wearing the hard hat. Therefore, I want you LEARNING or reinforcing the fundamentals also.

I share this with you because it gives you a taste of the content that WILL be delivered to you each and every month. Hopefully it excites you and fires you up. My promise is that this content will be valuable. My hope is that you WATCH it and participate in it.

Without further ado, this gives you a quick snapshot of some of the ‘goodies’ you will be receiving:

· January—
Creating more WOW in your Business (Using Innovation & Technology to Drive Culture, Cash, & Community)
Training Vid: 10 Minute Stretch & Ahhh Routine!!

· February—
Content Creation & Creating Your content calendar (marketing, social media, blog, etc.)
Training Vid: Top 5 Mistakes Made in the Gym by Trainers; Top 5 Mistakes Made in the Gym by Clients/Members

· March—
Recruiting, Training, Leading & Keeping Staff
Training Vid: Increasing Mobility of hips, ankles, & mid-back

· April—
Art of the Consultation & Sales Process
Training: Running Challenges in your Gym (TD will also administer a Mastermind Challenge)

· May—
On-boarding Process for a New Client (Their First 90-Days)
Training: Post-workout discussion to lead clients/members into your ancillary revenuestreams

· June—
Top 10 MUST-DO’s to Enhance Client RETENTION
Training: Member videos to enhance their workout experience

· July—
2 Business parts:
1. Driving your PR, Media, and Marketing
2. Continuing Education, Learning, and Staying AHEAD of the Game
o (IDEA—Las Vegas)
Training: Speed, Power, and Explosiveness for ALL Clients

· August—
The Art of Speaking & Presenting
Training: How to WOW a crowd & win-over your large-group training members or corporate clients/events.

· September— Latest Advances in Digital Media & Marketing
Training: Most creative and effective upper body exercises that you have never seen before…

· October—Building Your Platform to Scale & Leverage your Reach & Revenue (including social media)
Training: Training: How to design & create a memorable small-group training program and workouts.

· November—Holiday Contests & Philanthropic Efforts to Drive Revenue, Culture, and IMPACT.
Training:TD in the Trenches—Top Lessons Learned from over 50,000 hours Training in the Trenches.

· December—End of Year PNL Statements, Tax Strategies, & Budget Creation.
Training: Don’t be like everyone else—15 day program for Mastermind to BLAST fat, feel great, and get your mind right! (TD will create a 15-day program for ALL Mastermind)

Does that fire you up??? If you have a pulse and you are growth-mindset person…I would hope the answer is yes!!!

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