Credo / Mission

The Todd Durkin Mastermind Group Mission Statement

Todd Durkin MastermindThe Todd Durkin Mastermind Group exists to educate, motivate, and inspire health and fitness professionals to grow exponentially both personally and professionally.  The purpose of the Group is to grow your business, expand your opportunities, surround yourself with other successful fitness professionals, accelerate your results by having a ton of insight, wisdom, and experience at your fingertips, increase time freedom/money freedom, and to have fun while enduring the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Individual goals will be achieved through group cohesiveness, accountability, and with trust, respect and communication amongst members.  Our driving intention is to SERVE, make a difference in the world and give back to society through acts of significance, such as philanthropy, volunteer work and community service.

We are a tribe of pioneers who collaborate on the most effective ways to shape the fitness industry and improve the lives of the people around us.

In a dynamic Group where each member is passionate, energetic, and actively contributes and participates, we believe that through the power of a strong team we will fulfill our full potential in our personal and professional lives.  Our members are committed to living by the highest values, seeking truth and wisdom in sound business practices, and searching for continuous growth in their own physical conditioning, mental/emotional balance, and spiritual alignment.

By being a Todd Durkin Mastermind Member, it is a rite and a privilege that each member strive to be a great leader in their business, in their community, and in the health and fitness industry.  


The Todd Durkin Mastermind is designed to:

  • Accelerate Results
  • Increase time freedom/money freedom
  • Fulfill potential
  • Uphold the highest values and business practices
  • Maximize each members own physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual alignment
  • Improve leadership in business, the community, and in the fitness industry
  • Expand opportunities & grow your business
  • Surround yourself with other passionate fitness professionals that challenge you to be your best
  • Have unabashed FUN

The TD “Mastermind Credo”

M = Mentoring; change
A = Action that leads to Achievement
S = Support is encouraged
T = Teamwork is fostered
E = Excellence is expected
R = Results are realized


M = Manifestations and Growth that exceed expectations
I =  Inspiration in creation
N = Networking through connecting
D = Development of personal and professional life