A Document Worth $10,000


You know that I’m a personal growth junkie. And I pass everything I learn on to you guys. I know sometimes it’s a lot and you feel like you might be drinking out of a fire hydrant. Today is one of those days.

This share is perhaps in the “Top 10” of all shares as far as content is concerned in the Mastermind. I might be biased but what you have attached are about 50-pages of notes, typed into about 13-pages of some very deep content.

As you know, I’ve been a part of Joe Polish’s “Genius Network”. The “best” part of this program is the live events. Not a ton happens outside of the live events but there are some real movers and shakers present at the retreats. As a matter of fact, if you were to attend JUST the live event, the price of admission is $10,000. Pretty stiff investment.

I have an alternative for you… My NOTES!!!

While it certainly doesn’t replace going to a LIVE meeting, there sure are some real gems in here. Here is my recommendation:

  1. Save this document.
  2. Print it out (yes, don’t cheap out thinking it will cost you 13-pages of ink. 🙂 Remember what the event costs. 🙂
  3. Read it once. Go slow. Highlight what you want.
  4. Read it again a different day. Extract out maybe your top 3-5 quotes or nuggets that most speak to you. Would love for you to share it on our FB page.
  5. I will have a follow-up “exercise” on THIS handout this month. Details to come…stay tuned.

I do not want the content of this handout to go to waste. Don’t come back to it “another day.” Dial in on it and salivate.

Thanks, Mastermind team. I hope you enjoy this document and that you can glean some valuable wisdom out of it. I will also share on our FB page and if you want to make any comments, you can do so there.

Love ya,


Genius Network Annual Meeting Notes

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