Fitness Tank



I want to send one more video from Retreat because it IMPACTS everyone in the Mastermind. On Friday afternoon, we had 10 Mastermind members “compete” in the “Fitness Tank.” Dr. Frank Pucher Mc’d the event as each of the 10-people had 3-minutes to share/pitch/promote their product to the Mastermind or industry. These 10-people chosen are all working on some BIG things that can make a difference in trainers/fit-pro’s lives. The winner of the Fitness Tank received a 60-minute massage at the spa at the Peaks Resort.

Instead of me telling you about all the incredible things, let me take you out to Telluride one more time so that you can virtually see 10 of YOUR teammates share their heart & soul. I would highly advise you to watch this if you were NOT at Retreat as you may get a great idea, have a new resource, or be able to collaborate on an initiative that your Mastermind teammate is already working on.

Without further ado…let’s go to the videotape:

Thanks Masterminders. I always want to provide you educational content that I believe can help you or your business. I know that listening/watching these presentations can definitely help some collaborative efforts on many people’s end.

Have an incredible weekend and hope you get a chance to watch the best “Fitness Tank” we’ve had to date over the weekend.


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