Gratitude, Hollywood, BEST PRACTICES…and BIG WINS


I have a few random thoughts for you:

1. How fortunate we are to do what we do. Is it easy? NO! Is it noble? YES!! I received an email from a client yesterday thanking us for doing what we do. WOW—isn’t it funny how sometimes you get a message right when you need to hear it? It brightened my day and reminded me how hard-work, integrity, and showing up with the right attitude are all so critical for success. So today, I THANK YOU for what you do. In the gym, around your communities, with your families, in this Mastermind, and all that you do every single day. I do appreciate you and I do acknowledge the great responsibility and noble mission we all have as LIFE TRANSFORMERS. Thank you!

2. Be prepared for meetings. I had an exploratory meeting with a TV producer in LA this week. It’s about a show concept I have that is not related to STRONG. And while he said it was just an initial meeting to get to know each other, I had prepared a “one pager” (it was really 3 pages. 🙂 vision of a show that I think would create tremendous impact in the universe. Having this document totally floored the 2 producers I met with because it was just “exploratory” at this point. They shot back a note yesterday saying they were so impressed with the meeting/concept/vision that they ran it up to the executive producers and they want to fast-track the next steps and shoot a pilot. Yes!

My teaching point: I’m not sure the show will get picked up as there about a million variables that would need to happen at this point in the game. But whenever you have a meeting with ANY ONE (teammate, boss, interview, Hollywood producer, etc.), make sure you PREPARE like no other and go in there with your I’s dotted and your t’s crossed. It will set YOU apart from the dozens/hundreds/thousands of people trying to do what you want to do. Preparation is the key to success and you must make sure you are prepared and organized for EVERY single opportunity you get.

3. How dependent we are on technology. My phone has been acting up lately (audio has not been working; hence the “silent” FB Live messages on the Mastermind FB page. :)). And then I dropped my phone at IHRSA and it not only cracked the screen, but made me phone-less. WOW. I felt like a drug addict without his drug. Man, not necessarily a good thing. Although I will be getting a new phone today, it’s amazing just how dependent we are on our phones. And it’s amazing how lost we feel when we lose (or break) our phones/wallets!

My point: technology is a blessing and a curse. I LOVE it as much as anyone. And when you don’t have it, you realize just how much you want (and sometimes need) it.

4. Re-set your BEST PRACTICES this weekend. I say this all the time and I will say it until I’m blue in the face…. So much of our success comes from diligence, doing the right thing, persistence, and hard work OVER TIME. It takes many little victories to achieve BIG WINS. And this comes down to your daily habits and best practices. I know you know what YOURS are…but which ones are you doing and which ones are you NOT.

Today, renew and reset some of YOUR Best practices that you need to get back to doing…
Is it journaling for 5-10 minutes in the AM…than break open your journal now.
Is it going to church on Sunday…if so, than go to church, temple, or synagogue.
Is it your nutrition is tanking right now and you need to tweak a few things…than get after it starting TODAY.
Are your workouts suffering….than get back to making YOU a priority. After all, if your SELF CARE suffers, YOU SUFFER!
Is your family time suffering…than make it a priority to spend time with your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, kids, or whoever you need to this weekend.

You know the drill. And you know what you need to do. But ONLY YOU can make that choice of what you are going to do and what you are NOT going to do. My friends, that is called discipline. So be discipline this weekend and make sure your BEST PRACTICES are in-tact. Your entire life will be BETTER.

Thanks again for what you guys do. I’m honored to call you a friend, colleague, and coach.


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