Should I Grow My Team?

One of the most frequent questions I get from fitness business owners is “Should I grow my team?”

The obvious answer is “OF COURSE!”

But than I will get the follow-up questions that naturally arise:

* “What if I grow them so much that they leave my business?”
* “What if I teach them everything I know and they go and start their own business down the street?”
* “What if they become busier than me?”

In my 17-years of running a brick & mortar business, I’ve had a very strong opinion of “Growing Your Team.”

To address my real feelings on this topic, I decided to sit down with my longest-standing employee, Brett Klika, to talk about this exact topic. Brett has been with me almost 17-years now and is doing amazing things, both in and out of the fitness industry.

And Brett is not the only one who has been with me at Fitness Quest 10 for over 10-years. As a matter of fact, we have 7 employees (out of 38) that have been with me for over 10-years.

I do believe there is a reason WHY we have had great success in keeping GREAT people. Tune in below and hear me talk about it.

Should I grow my team? Interview with Brett Klika from Todd Durkin on Vimeo.

TD Talking about “Should You Grow Your Team and Keeping Great People!!!”

In this video, I talk about topics such as:

Biggest mistakes made when starting my business.
How I got other teammates/trainers busy when everyone wanted me.
How you can specifically grow people on your team.
Fear-based decisions vs. visionary-based decisions.
Building a team of people that has the chemistry and camaraderie to build and sustain a world-class culture.

My friends, I hope you enjoy the video. It’s a topic that comes up often and I wanted to address it to help those out there who are wondering how to handle this topic/question.

Create an incredible day…and go “Grow Your Team.” #IWILL

Much love…and much on-going growth.


P.S. Big thanks to Brett Klika for joining me on this video. I’ve been blessed to work with Brett for so long and I think you will see the mutual respect we have for each other in this video. Brett still trains with us at Fitness Quest 10, he presents a ton in the industry, and he just created an awesome course on youth development for children of all ages.

Check it out here SpiderFit
(By the way, when you invest in Brett’s program, simply put in the code “TDSPECIAL” at checkout and you will get an awesome discount. You can thank me later!)

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