The Hard Hat & Jacks Journey & Faith, Family, Fitness

The Hard HatThe Hard Hat: 21 Ways to Be a Great Teammate by Jon Gordon and Jeremy Schaap

I LOVE Jon Gordon’s work, and his most recent book, “The Hard Hat: 21 Ways to Be a Great Teammate” is a TRUE story of a Cornell lacrosse player who lived an IMPACTFUL life full of LESSONS and LOVE. It is a quick read and one that will stir some emotions and will HELP you understand how EVERY ONE of us can contribute to a TEAM in special ways. Must read!

About the book: From the moment Jon Gordon heard about George Boiardi and the Hard Hat he was intrigued and captivated. Over the years he visited George’s coaches, attended several “21 Dinners” held in his honor, met his family, talked to his teammates and observed how he inspired all who knew him.

The Hard Hat is an unforgettable true story about a selfless, loyal, joyful, hard-working, competitive, and compassionate leader and teammate, the impact he had on his team and program and the lessons we can learn from him.

The book features:

  • A True Story about George Boiardi, his Team and their Legacy.
  • 21 Lessons to be a Great Teammate
  • Insights from George’s Teammates and Coaches that Bring the Lessons to Life.
  • 21 Exercises to help you Build a Great Team

Infused with practical insights and life changing lessons, The Hard Hat will inspire you to be the best teammate you can be and to build a great team.

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Faith Family Fitness

Faith, Family, Fitness: Because when your 3 F’s are in balance you find yourself living a more purposeful & fulfilling life by Doug Bopst

About the book: I wrote this book to show you the power of these three words, Faith Family and Fitness To INSPIRE you take chances in life. Have FAITH. To surround yourself with the right people. Your FAMILY. To stay healthy and fit. Your FITNESS. Keep up with these three things and watch what happens. Throughout the book I go pretty deep on 15 lessons that I have learned along the way. After each lesson is an action plan with a journal following it. I encourage you to take your time, be honest and fill it out as diligently as your heart allows.

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jacks journeyJack’s Journey USA: One dog’s journey to inspire YOUR life of adventure! by Dawn Celapino

About the book: Have you ever had a dream to do something but didn’t know how you would ever do it? Read how one little dog inspired his mom to not only live out a dream but change the course of her life! It started with a dog fitness company and turned into an adventurous journey around the USA. All so she could spend more time with Jack. Dawn and her 10 year old Cairn Terrier, Jack, are a team. Together they traveled to 25 states, over 10,000 miles in 10 weeks in their custom RV named Spirit. Just a gal and her dog living life! They hiked, paddle boarded, met new friends, taught dog fitness classes and just had FUN! Join them on their journey and allow them to INSPIRE you to travel in this beautiful country, live your dreams and try new activities..with your DOG! They will help you with travel and dog tips and Jack will even give you his commentary on what “really” happened! Sit back and get ready to be entertained, educated and INSPIRED!

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