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Who is still fired-up for our epic 10th Retreat in Coronado this weekend? Thank you for all the feedback and it was GREAT to see so many of you there. The Power of the Mastermind was in full effect–let’s keep that momentum flowing!!! (And we announced that Telluride, CO in October is where we will be meeting next. More details to follow in upcoming months.)

One of the big highlights was having Dr. Heidi Hanna keynote on Saturday and have her present throughout the entire weekend. She absolutely knocked it out of the park. Well, not only did she knock it out of park, sheFOLLOWED-THROUGH on what she promised–a list of resources for you based on your questions, etc.

Additionally, Heidi has made some additional resources, courses, and books FREE for the Mastermind but you need to hop on it ASAP. This will allow you to access the her course she is doing and she is providing additional videos just for the Mastermind for FREE. GET ON IT NOW.

Here is where you need to REGISTER: (use access code TDMM2017):
Synergy Coach Tool Kit

If you want a FREE COPY of Heidi’s RECHARGE book, she also provided us a link for that also:

Mastermind Team, take advantage of this TODAY. Be sure to sign up for the Synergy Coach Toolkit today and Heidi will send you an email when the videos for our Mastermind are all there.

I have included Heidi’s email above also so if you have any questions on anything, you can also reach out to her. As you learned, she welcomes your correspondence and communication.

Thanks team for all you do. Have a great rest of your Valentines’ Day!!


Create a great day. Thanks for what you do!


P.S. Be sure to open the attachment above with all her Resources. It’s AWESOME!!!

P.S. For those of you who may want to be a “STRESS COACH” with Heidi in the future, I will pass on more information as it becomes available. I have kept an email from Heidi below so that you can see more information as it relates to the certification, etc.

From: Heidi Hanna [mailto:heidi@heidihanna.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 10:41 AM
To: Julie Wilcox
Cc: Todd Durkin
Subject: resources

Here are my resources to share with the group. You’ll see I’m also putting together a very short training “course” (just a few 3 min videos explaining the assessment tools) for your group only, in case they’re helpful for them. I’d also like to collect names for those interested in doing the Stress Coach certification to see if it makes sense to do a consolidated version just for TDMM participants at some point. I expect we’ll do our first one in San Diego before or after the AIHM conference, which is Oct 22 – 25, so I’m leaning towards doing it the 20 – 21 most likely, but we’ll see. Not sure if it’ll be one day or two, and it may depend on the type of program we end up offering.

“Your energy is your most valuable resource – invest wisely.”

Heidi Hanna, PhD
Chief Energy Officer – SYNERGY
Executive Director – American Institute of Stress
NY Times Best Selling Author – The SHARP Solution and Stressaholic

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