I Almost Broke an Attendance Record

I Almost Broke an Attendance Record
by Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS

I spoke today in front of a record-breaking crowd this morning. No, not a record-HIGH number of people. A near record LOW number of people. 🙂

Yes, that is correct, I spoke in front of 6 people at a local YPO chapter.

And it was GREAT.

Let me explain:

  1. My first workshop I ever did in 2002 had 5 people in it. And 3 were employees. The other 2 people at my OPB workshop were massage therapists.
    That being said, one of those two people, eventually helped me land my first athlete I ever worked with LaDainian Tomlinson. He was pretty good for my career.
  2. Today, I agreed to do this talk a couple months ago KNOWING there were only going to be 6 people there. That’s all that is in this specific chapter. And there are 2 reasons why I did it. One of the guys in it is a client and I “owed” him one. The other reason is that one of the other 5 guys in the chapter is the President of the entire San Diego YPO Organization. That’s about 100 people.

And they bring in paid speakers all the time. And they have a solid budget to afford $5,000-10,000K talks at the “bigger” meetings. But you must get in front of the decision makers.

And today was one of those days.

Why do I share this with you:

  1. Regardless of the size of a meeting, talk, or workshop where you speak, NEVER underestimate the IMPACT it can have on your business. #PowerOfSmall
  2. Connect with your clients and see what organizations they are part of. And then offer to speak at them. Even if you do them for FREE, it is a GREAT marketing “funnel” into your business. You just make sure you collect their names and emails. More importantly, you have to WOW them with a great talk and lead them into wanting more and taking ACTION on their health & fitness.

Never underestimate an opportunity because of the “size” of the group. There are great opportunities all over the place. Seek them out. Run to where it’s hot. And when you get the chance, crush it.

Don’t have the mindset that it always has to be “BIG” or that “numbers” are important at an event. It’s WHO is at the event and how much can you dazzle those present.

Get it done guys. Carpe diem. Seize the opportunities sitting in your face every single day.


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