10-Session IMPACT Series | Session #4

IMPACT Growth Series Video #4
Password: impact4

This is the 4th “IMPACT Growth” meeting with my Fitness Quest 10 meeting and it was very powerful. Besides the content you will see, I had not one, but TWO emotional moments in the 1-hour meeting. I actually asked Larry if he thought it was appropriate for me to share with the Mastermind because I got so personal. Literally.

He thought about it for a short moment and said, “Absolutely…that’s what we do.”

My friends, I am definitely vulnerable here and share every moment with you.

In addition, there is a lot of CONTENT in here and believe you can learn a lot. Additionally, I encourage all of you who are leading TEAMS, of whatever size, to schedule some teaching, leading, and connecting time outside of the normal routine; sessions, admin, consultations, workouts etc.. It WILL make a difference!

The outline of the meeting is attached. There are several parts:

  1. The “WOW ASCENT” Climb. August 8th. Details to come but any Mastermind members that want to attend are more than welcome to join “The Climb.” 🙂
  2. OPB/fascial work. Psoas release, hip rotators, walking soldiers, Thai-massage chest opener, and stool stretch.
  3. “10” essential questions on how to be great in work and life. Feel free to answer these questions yourself as I guide my team through them.
  4. A moving “heartfelt” true story that simply blew me away about a former client/athlete of mine. See the article link here and read along as I share it with my team at the END of the meeting…http://stories.baltimoreravens.com/heart-of-a-raven

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