Innovation And Technology (January Video of the Month)

Innovation And Technology (January Video of the Month)

Password: tech10

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Our first day of sunshine here in San Diego in over 6 days. I LOVE the rain and we really need it here in SOCAL, but honestly I am relieved that “70’s and Sunshine” are in the forecast for the next 5 days. We have #Mentorship17 starting up on Thursday and I’m excited we will have some additional “sunshine” for what will be an epic experience (as many of you know!).

Before I immerse with them starting on Thursday, I wanted to get you some valuable content. Please take 21-minutes out and watch this video (while working out, driving, while sipping coffee, or getting work done!).

I kicked off my 2017 presenting schedule last week at Perform Better in San Francisco. My talk this year is “Creating WOW in Business & Life.”

And while I will do this talk about 7 times this year, the first one is always an interesting trial. And this one was no different.

I kicked off the conference with an 8-am start. I’m glad I got there 45-minutes early because my brand new Macbook Pro was not connecting from the computer–>projector–>screen. Ughh, you have to hate I.T. Problems.

Despite me having 4 brand new adapters, wires, power-outlets (don’t even get me started how Apple forces you to buy all new stuff every time a new model comes out;smart if you are Apple; stinks if you are the buyer. ☺).

Anyway, at 7:58 am, we gave up and I had fortunately saved it on a flash-drive (always save your prezos on a flash drive), and I just used Chris Poirier’s computer. And it worked!!! #BOOM.

You see, I may have seemed calm, cool, and collected, but I can honestly tell you for the 40 minutes or so that we could not connect it I was thinking about how I could do my talk without my support material.

But we got it rockin and rollin and despite sweating on the inside, the audience probably never saw that I was thrown off course a tad.

When the talk was over, I felt good about it but there are 3 or 4 things I’m going to change to make it even better. And I know what they are. I’ll institute those for my talk at PB Los Angeles in February.

Today, I want to share one portion of my program that focuses on “Innovation & Technology.” This is an area I have made a great investment in at Fitness Quest 10 in December and January and I’m really really pumped to have this integrated with all we are doing.

As you will see, I will discuss in my short video clip here technology like Myzone, Inbody, Body Evolver, text messaging, and social media. I believe thesetechnologies increase VALUE to our clients AND help us deliver BETTER RESULTS.

In the SM section, I talk a bit about FB Ads & FB LIVE to attract “new” clients to Fitness Quest 10, expand our FQ10 and TDE community and increase my BRAND presence online. The FB LIVE demo I was going to do was teed up perfectly and it would have been great. Unfortunately, 300 people all on the same wifi at the same time did not allow me to actually GO LIVE (next time I’m going OFF wifi and just using data; you see, I’m still learning. ☺).

Thebottom line with this one section will help you drive revenues and deliver a world-class training experience.

Without further ado, I present to you my Jan video from PB San Francisco on “Innovation & Technology.” Coach Larry was in my pocket and got some great footage for you (we are fortunate they let us video these so I can share them with you) and always love having Larry there to capture the footage.

My challenge to you is:

How are you “innovating” your training space to deliver more value and get better results in 2017?

What technology are you using or investing in?

Does your strategic marketing plan for your BRAND/Business include the use of Facebook Ads and Facebook LIVE?

Thepassword to the January video is all lowercase: tech10
Duration of the video is 21 minutes.


P.S. I always enjoy getting some feedback on my videos. Go over to the TD Mastermind Coaching Private Facebook Group and share your thoughts and comments.

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