Joel Weldon “SPEAKER” Highlights

Masterminders, Good morning. I hope you’re doing well and feeling great today.

I’m not sure you caught the interview with Joel Weldon on our MM FB page but it’s a MUST listen to. Joel is truly one of the top speakers I have ever heard on the platform AND he’s one of the top speaking coaches in the world. He has coached over 10,000 speakers.

3 big takeaways I got out of the 25-minute interview about speaking…

  1. 22 words for ANY speaker…. “Speak to your audience about what THEY need in an organized way they can follow..and get yourself out of the way.” Joel’s whole point here is that it’s not just about you. Make sure you are speaking to THEM and their needs/desires. #LoveIt
  2. Use the word “even” when telling people what you can do for them.
    I can get you EVEN healthier and more fit (instead of “I can get you healthier & fit.”)
    I can make you EVEN more money than you’re currently making now (instead of “I can make you more money than you’re making now.)
    I can get you EVEN more clients, or EVEN more successful, etc.
    The point is that people get excited about that and doesn’t infer that they are not already what they desire to be. Deep stuff.
    It’s amazing how something as “small” as that can literally have such huge impact on a conversation or in a talk.
  3. It’s about all perspective and shifting mindset (this “lesson” came off camera but I really like it). Like me, Joel is about mindset and is an eternal optimist. He uses the word “good” all the time. I thought the “Good” statement when something bad happens came from Jocko Willink. He said that originated from Earl Nightingale and that started in the 1970’s when Nightingale used “That’s GOOD!” whenever something bad happened. It’s all about reframing situations, events, conversations, etc. when things don’t go your way. So use “GOOD” in your vocabulary when things don’t go your way and FIND the good in them. Because it’s that setback that will eventually LEAD you to your next step. Make sense? GOOD! J

Have a great day superstars. I’m getting pumped up for the local HS graduation awards-ceremony this afternoon. I’m giving away 3 IMPACT Scholarships worth over $5,000 tonight and can’t wait to IMPACT these young people.

Create your Dream. Cultivate it. Grow it. Change it. Keep tapping into the inside.
Stay aligned with your purpose.
Keep connecting with souls that lift you up and elevate your consciousness.
And don’t be afraid to confront the “tough” decisions/callings/challenges/opportunities in your life that force you to go deep. That’s where the gold is found. #Good

Love you guys,



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