Live Events

The power of a LIVE event to connect and network with fellow teammates is priceless.


There are 2 types of LIVE Events that are directly a part of or associated with the Todd Durkin Mastermind.

The Todd Durkin Mastermind experience includes 2 LIVE Retreats every year. The first LIVE Retreat (ANNUAL) is held during the 1st Quarter of each new year at a world-class San Diego resort venue. The second LIVE Retreat (REGIONAL) is held in September toward the end of the 3rd Quarter of the year, and is typically held at a midwest Mountain resort venue.


The first Annual Todd Durkin Mastermind Retreat was held in February 2008 in San Diego, CA. All Power of 10 (P10) and Platinum Level TD Mastermind members are eligible and encouraged to attend. Todd likes to “kickoff” the New Year with a world-class LIVE event and this 2-Day event is filled with Business, Life, Marketing and Self-Development workshops and discussions. Todd facilitates and teaches and invites a dynamic and impactful guest speaker to tell his/her story and INSPIRE all in attendance. The P10 and respective TD Platinum Teams also get a chance to connect privately with their coaches. There is no better way to get the new year off to a great start.


The second LIVE retreat is held later in the 3rd Quarter of each year to best assess where each individual Mastermind member is at in their business and life for that year. The midwest mountain location provides the perfect venue for “going deep” – journaling, energy restoration, and meditation are part of the experience. There are also self-development workshops facilitated by Todd and dedicated P10 and PLATINUM “team-breakout” sessions where teammates in their respective teams can share openly about their successes and challenges of the current year. There is no better way to reenergize and rejuvenate so as to finish the 4th Qtr of the year STRONG!