Middle School Strength

Middle School Strength
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As many of you know I have been coaching Pop Warner football for my son Luke’s TEAM. He is a QB and loves it. My son Brady is on the Jr Pee Wees and he is a LB and TE.

I must admit….I absolutely LOVE coaching the kids. I literally get up in the AM and am pumped on the days we have practice at night.

I’m the “QB Coach” on the midgets team and help call plays. And for both kids, I’ve been training them since they were in diapers. 🙂

Now that my son’s are BOTH in middle school, I was selfish and just created a MIDDLE SCHOOL STRENGTH program. Today was week 3 and we had 15 kids. I’m going to keep building this thing and getting guys and gals STRONGER.

I filmed week 2 of program and wanted to share it with you. I’m coaching the entire time and it’s a “play-by-play” in real-time with me in the trenches. Nothing fancy with the video. Grainy. Gritty. And REAL.

Since many of you are training young athletes or want to get into that space, I wanted Larry to film the entire session. And my man was in my hip pocket the entire time. You will see me coaching, teaching, encouraging, motivating, having FUN, and leading the training session for these young guys.

The video includes:

1. Pre-Workout comments and lessons.
2. Dynamic Warm-UP.
3. SAQ Ladder and Hurdle drills
4. Strength workout (that includes 2 testing stations)
5. Post-Workout lesson review and comments + Breakdown
6. Stretching

After watching the video answer these 3 questions:

1. What did you MOST like about the workout?
2. What would you add or do different?
3. What did you LEARN from this video?

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