Nutrition and MEAL PREP …

We have been focusing on Nutrition this month and here is a short 17-min video that will provide some great information on MEAL PREP services.

Jimmy from “THE MEAL PREP” company joined Todd in discussing the critical role proper NUTRITION (eating the right sources and types of “real” food) plays in the healing and recovery process. Supplementation was also discussed as a compliment (not a replacement) to real, healthy and “clean” food.

Since many of you are using or are considering using a MEAL PREP company to add VALUE to your client services and to improve client results, Todd dedicated an additional 20 mins talking with Jimmy, the owner of THE MEAL PREP company. He covered with Jimmy WHAT to look for in a solid MEAL PREP company and asked Jimmy some of the particulars on HOW he does business and serves his clients.

The video is 20 mins and there is no password.

“WE ARE WHAT WE EAT” Mastermiders.


Coach Larry

P.S. If you are using a MEAL PREP company at your gym/studio or for your business SHARE (over on our FB page) one of the BEST things about it as far as helping your clients and/or creating another solid income stream for your business.

TD Mastermind: Nutrition and MEAL PREP from Larry indiviglia on Vimeo.

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