Perform Better Q&A from Long Beach, CA

It was great to see some of you this weekend at the Perform Better 3-Day Summit in Long Beach, CA: Bobby Kelly and Kelly, Samantha Cordova, Greg Johnson, Josh Graves (and his TEAM), Tommy Peters and Amanda Mittleman’s husband Steve. The PB 3-DAY in LB is always well-attended and is typically my last presentation for the year for the Perform Better series. The energy at Long Beach is special and I have had some of my best talks and workouts there. This year was no exception and I am very blessed to be able to connect with and coach so many passionate and caring fitness professionals. Additionally, I bring as many of my Fitness Quest 10 TEAM and summer Interns up to benefit from the outstanding lineup of presenters and to assist with the workout. Man, I just LOVE being around these peeps…their professionalism and positive energy lifts me up, and one of the highlights of the year is hanging with them for dinner Saturday night for some quality connect time.

As always, I pride myself on delivering some relevant content from the Perform Better series that has some VALUE personally and professionally. Coach Larry was in Long Beach and (as per usual) was “jonny-on-the-spot” and filmed the Q&A segment that I was a part of. 21 of the 3-Day PB SUMMIT presenters were on the panel including Mark Verstegen, Dan John, Gray Cook, Greg Rose, Alwyn Cosgrove, Rachel Cosgrove, Sue Falsone, Martin Rooney and others answered questions from the attendees.

I thought the questions were OK. I’ve heard better. But there was some tremendous wisdom in the shares if you listen carefully. The one thing that always amazes me at ANY of these is how someone asks a question, and NOT ONE person ever writes the question down…or the ANSWER. It baffles me. I’m usually up there typing the questions in my “notes” section of the phone and jotting down some answers myself. Folks, always take notes. Otherwise, you forget what was said.

In this case, unlike any other presenter, I had it filmed for YOU. Thank you Larry. You’re the BEST!!!

Here you go Masterminders. Enjoy the show!

The password for the video link is all lowercase: question10
The duration is 56 mins.


P.S. If you were in the crowd at the PB Q&A what ONE question would you have asked to any of the 21 presenters on stage? Share it over on our private TDMM FB page.

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