Pickles, Bikinis…and a New Years Video

Pickles, Bikinis…and a New Years Video
Password: dec2016

Here we are on the LAST day of 2016 and it’s hard to believe that the year is over. I had my last workout of the year today doing something I have NOT done all year—a Boot Camp back in Mission Bay, where I had taught it for 17 years (all Boot Camps are held at Fitness Quest 10 now). It was raining, wet, and AWESOME. Highlighted by a baptism into the #PolarBearClub (see my IG or FB), it was one of my more memorable workouts of the year. I hope you had a great workout today also.

Today is also a great time to REFLECT and CONNECT (we had our Fitness Quest 10 Client Annual party at the gym last night and it was just awesome to talk, listen, hug, recognize and show GRATITUDE to so many of our valued clients) and a great time to COMMIT in ALL ASPECTS of Life to the New Year of 2017. I’m not sure about you, but I’m ready to put my “STRONG” 2016 to bed and go nighty night. I hope you are ready to kiss 2016 goodbye also!

I am very excited for 2017 for many reasons, most of which I shared in my “Annual Roadmap & Strategic Plan” earlier in the week.

For the 6th consecutive year, Coach Larry and I filmed an End-of-Year video for you. It is a tradition, and every year we travel offsite to a place in San Diego that has some meaning or perhaps a connection to a future Mastermind event or activity.

AND today is no exception.

For this video, we visited over in Coronado, CA, where we will be heading for our upcoming “10th” Annual Todd Durkin Mastermind Retreat (yes #10 – that is some WOW right there) and I share a few things with you:

  • Details and Perspectives on our “10th Annual TD Mastermind Retreat” – February 10-12, 2017.
  • My 2017 Annual Roadmap and Strategic Plan – final thoughts and remarks
  • Some “coming attractions” at the Coronado Marriott Island Resort
  • Our January 2017 recommended reads: “JUMP” by Steve Harvey and “Tools of Titans” by Timothy Ferriss
  • Some “deep” thoughts on the “Changing Landscape of Your LIFE.”

Please take the 28 mins and 30 secs and watch the video over the next few days, Masterminders. I think you are going to like it and I believe it will put some SMILES on your faces!
The password is all lowercase: dec2016

The video is from the HEART & SOUL, just like all of you!

Maybe it will INSPIRE you to TAKE ACTION on something that you have been DREAMING about and have not yet DONE.
Maybe it will ENCOURAGE you to commit to our 10th ANNUAL Retreat and CONNECT with some awesome coaches and teammates.
Maybe it will MOTIVATE your to INVEST more TIME with “your” Annual Roadmap and Strategic Plan.
Or maybe it will LIFT your SPRIT a bit higher so you can SHINE your LIGHT a bit BRIGHTER in 2017 and create positive IMPACT!

Happy NEW YEAR 2017 Masterminders. I appreciate ALL YOU DO for so many to transform lives and make our world a better place. Let’s start the New Year STRONG and create a ton of WOW!

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