The Power of a Positive Team

I really love kicking off every new month with a recommended read for the Mastermind. I am particularly excited about the recommended read because of the topic and who wrote it.

“The Power of a Positive TEAM” by Jon Gordon is a focused, concise (146 pages) read about proven principles and practices that make Great Teams Great. Love his opening 3 sentences:

“No one creates success alone.” “We all need a team to be successful.” “We are better together, and together we accomplish great things.”

Man-o-man, this is SO TRUE. I can’t tell you how many great questions there were about some of the best ways to create, build, nourish, challenge and LEAD a TEAM. I certainly have experience in building and leading Teams, but I’m also ALWAYS studying and learning new things about the dynamics of leadership and teamwork. And when an author like Jon Gordon writes a book about The Power of a Positive Team, I am ALL-IN to read it.

July, more than any other month in the year, challenges me and my FQ10 TEAM to be a GREAT TEAM. There is so much going on: NFL Pros working out as a TEAM getting ready for Training Camp at the end of July (the Saints entire WR’s come in over next 2-weeks with Drew), there are youth camps for young athletes of all ages and sports, and we have 3 of the biggest summer fitness conferences in the world: IDEA WORLD, PERFORM BETTER and CANFITPRO. And of course the July 4th festivities, summer vacations …and then some. It’s easy to “take your eyes off the prize” this month and I REFUSE to let that happen.

Here are the Chapter titles from Jon’s book:

1. The Power of POSITIVE
2. Positive Teams Create Positive Cultures.
3. Positive Teams Work Together toward a Shared Vision with a Greater Purpose
4. Positive Teams Work Together with Optimism, Positivity and Belief
5. Positive Teams Transform and Remove Negativity
6. Positive Teams Communicate and Connect (includes Team Building exercises)
7. Positive Teams Commit and Care
8. Positive Teams are Always Striving to Get Better
9. We Are Better Together

Sounds Powerful to me!!

AND POWERFUL for your TEAMMATES. I would also suggest that you purchase of a copy of “The Power of a Positive TEAM” for every teammate on your TEAM. Maybe you focus on this book over a 2 month period and read a Chapter a week together as a TEAM and discuss it with each other on a FB page or a TEAM Google group. Again, this way, YOUR TEAM is all on the same page.

Finally Masterminders, THANK YOU for being on the TD Mastermind TEAM. You continually inspire me to be a great leader and teammate with and for you. I am grateful that we are all pursuing greatness together and we have BIG THINGS coming up in the 2nd half of 2018! Let’s get rolling!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!


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