Referrals, Networks and Partnerships–Michael Griffiths at FILEX 2018

Referrals, Networks, and Partnerships
Michael Griffiths

I want to share some selected highlights from FILEX, Australian Fitness Conference with you as it pertains to your business and personal development.

I had Coach Larry film a few things during FILEX and here is a “content rich” 15 min presentation by Michael Griffiths titled: “Referrals, Networks, and Partnerships.”

Michael shares more than a few tips on how to use relationships in your community to promote your brand and grow your business. I think you really are going to like this one. Please invest the 15-hours (whoops, I mean 15 minutes; 15-hours is the flight to get over there) to watch it. There is some great VALUE in here…and I’ll spare you the 15-hours on each plane ride. 🙂

Enjoy the video!


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