The Secrets of Small Group Training

The Secrets of Small Group Training
Presented by Scott Rawcliffe
password: raw10

I want to share a short 20-minute clip from Scott Rawcliffe (TD2) that Larry filmed at World. Many of you know Scott as being a social media expert. But his knowledge base goes beyond just understanding Facebook advertising and setting up FB campaigns. He’s actually in the trenches coaching, training, and leading also.

This presentation is called “The Secrets of Small Group Training” and it is filled with great CONTENT on this important and relevant topic.

I have watched Scott get better and better presenting, since he started back in 2012. And I’m extremely proud of ALL the hard work and passion that Scott consistently dedicates to fuel his purpose of serving other fit pros.

Take 20 minutes and watch Scott delivering some great content. And than you Scott for knocking it out of the park. #WayToRepresent

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