10-Session IMPACT Series | Session #1


Hey guys, I hope you are having a GREAT week. I am happy to report that I started delivering on one of my BIG 5 for 2017 last week. It’s my “10-Month Course in IMPACT” for my Fitness Quest 10 TEAM. I created this course for 3 major reasons:

(1) to connect more deeply with my FQ10 Team during 2017 in a teaching and learning environment. It’s critical you spend TIME with your TEAM.
(2) to deliver world-class content for my Team in the areas of Personal Development, Leadership, Marketing, Business, and “in the trenches” acumen with a special emphasis on “hands-on” techniques.
(3) to IMPACT my Team in special ways so that they can do the same for our clients here at FQ10, their fellow teammates, their families and friends.

I delivered Session One of my IMPACT course last Friday, January 13th. I selected a “less busy” time at FQ10 so that more of my TEAM could commit and be present. All of them had to contribute $100 to the “10-Month Course in IMPACT fund” and I will award $500 to the teammate or teammates that attend ALL 10 sessions with “perfect attendance.” A “cash bonus/incentive” can provide the motivation for some to follow-through on their commitments. If they attend 9 sessions, they receive $250.00. If they attend 8 sessions, they receive $100.00.
If they attend more than 50% of the sessions, they get their $100 back.

If they do not attend more than 50%, they lose their money and that money will be split with who is left in the program. Either way, I am collecting zero dollars personally—I’m just trying to incentivize them to SHOW UP!

The format for Session One (and what you will see in the below video) is:

1. Personal Growth
2. Hands-On Techniques (Optimal Performance Bodywork – OPB)
3. Recommended Readings (books)
4. Recommended Listening (podcast)

Perhaps you are conducting something similar for your TEAM, or meet on a regular basis to discuss relevant topics that will “move the needle” for your PEOPLE and your BUSINESS.
Your people are your business and “you” are “your work.” And it starts with YOU!

Either way, as part of the Mastermind, I want to provide you this exclusive content so YOU can get better. I had Larry film it and I hope you enjoy this “Learning” video. As many of you know, I LOVE to teach and it moves my soul to to able to do so for my passionate and dedicated FQ10 Team…and you as well!

This video runs 34 mins.
The password (all lower case) is: course1

Enjoy Session One!


P.S. I encourage you to share any of your comments and feedback on this Course over on the Todd Durkin Mastermind Coaching Private Facebook page!

A 10-Month Course in IMPACT – Session One from Todd Durkin on Vimeo.

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