Strategy to Leverage Your Content and Be Everywhere

Strategy to Leverage Your Content and Be Everywhere
By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS

Masterminders, I taught you my “Top 7 Hacks to Explode Your Brand Now”, if you have not seen it yet check it out here. And I told you what I’m doing on all levels.

As always instead of just teaching you the theory, I’m going to show how I am implementing what I am teaching you to gain success. Here is an example of what a normal Monday AM content marketing strategy looks like.

Follow along:

  1. It all starts with a 3 min, 10-second video I filmed this AM on my iPhone. The theme I went into filming is “FIND IT”. I will now YOUTUBE that video and it will serve as my Dose of Durkin Monday AM.
  2. I have an email going out Monday AM with the video.
  3. I have a text going out Monday AM with the video.
  4. There will be an FB post Monday AM on Find it. That also gets tweeted.
  5. We will take 60-seconds out of the 3:10 and put it on IG.
  6. I will curate my email and create a blog post as well. Blogs are great because the content lasts forever and helps with ranking, SEO, etc.
  7. We will create infographic for IG stories and swipe-up to watch full video
  8. We will create one quote infographic for FB also.
  9. We will take the YT and schedule periodically in FB also so that the content lives. Maybe once every 2-3 months. We have enough content now to rotate through and as long as we make sure we don’t time-stamp anything, most messages stay pertinent and applicable.

So in this cascade from one 3:10 video and about 45 minutes total writing, I am covering these forms of marketing:

  1. Email
  3. Facebook & FB stories
  4. Instagram & IG Stories
  5. Twitter
  6. BLOGGING (WordPress for us)
  7. Mobile Marketing (Off Day Trainer for us)

The “effort” took less than an hour to create. But think about how much more powerful that is than ONE FB post or ONE email. Those are important but this is far more strategic and far-reaching. And your reach truly can be ubiquitous.

I have attached the complete campaign as an example for you. It is the exact content and strategy I implemented above which will reach many people on multiple channels.

The purpose of me sharing this with you is to challenge you to think strategically. Maybe you don’t do all of these right now, but you can begin to tie together all that you are currently doing to be more effective and make sure every piece of content you current is being used to its fullest potential on all of your channels.

Strategy -> Action -> Results!!!

Marketing Plan Implementation_Example

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