Think Outside the Box – In The Trenches

Think Outside the Box – In the Trenches
By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS

I want to “go in the trenches” a bit. A while back I auctioned off at one of our events a “Training Session for 6 people with TD.” It was a fundraiser and I believe it went for $500.00. Not bad.

Well, tomorrow I get to train the people who bought the package. The cool thing is that it is 6 executives from the University of Phoenix who I will have the opportunity to train and provide an experience. Here is what I will do to WOW them tomorrow.

  1. Greet them all and get to know them; Remember all their names by the time we get started.
  2. Explain workout and some of the moves they will have in their session.
  3. Warm-up and have some fun (dynamic & ladders).
  4. The actual workout (see attached). Kept it fairly basic but also want to highlight some of the unique pieces we have and also provide them a vintage FQ10/TD Experience.
  5. After the workout, we will stretch and I will lead a meditation and read one of the WOW chapters.
  6. I will then give them some gifts:
    1. Signed copies of my WOW BOOK.
    2. WOW bands & IMPACT Bands
  7. We will have protein shakes and snacks for them when all done.
  8. Will bid them a fond farewell and follow up with an email within 24-hours.

I share this with you because these people are “influencers” in the community. Not only are they potential future clients, they certainly are out in the community at many events. I want them out singing our praises.

Remember to think outside the box when hosting events, doing workshops at your facilities, or even just at local silent auctions. An opportunity exists but many times you need to CREATE your opportunities. Go get em!

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