Thomas Plummer Notes, FB Live, and NJ

I wanted to get you some notes I took on Thomas Plummer’s workshop at Filex. I’ve known Plummer for 15+ years and I always find him extremely entertaining. He also does a great job challenging you to think against conventional wisdom. And his talk that I caught at Filex was no different. Too much of my surprise, I was one of the few people who was actually taking notes in the session (it amazes me how people don’t take notes when they listen but that’s another story).

I would like to share my notes with you. And even though some of the notes may be out of context, you will get the main points. Your eyebrows may raise at some of the points (i.e. “you should be spending $3,000 per month on social media” is just one; “you should blow up your business every 2-3 years” is another; “veteran experience isn’t always a good thing because they may be dead weight”, etc.) but then again, that’s the point. The beauty about his statements etc. is again—it challenges you to think outside the box!!!). Some of these points might be worth a call alone. But read through them and see which ones resonate.

My point in sharing is that I found value in them. And I hope you do too. Part of my journey is always to share with you to expedite your learning also.


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