Jenn Lormand, Ascension Fitness (New Orleans, LA)

I am really excited about our Todd Durkin Masterminder in the Spotlight feature this month. Coach Jenn Lormand, our newest Platinum Level Coach (“Team 5”) and Owner of Ascension Fitness in New Orleans, LA, shares some of her story. Jenn wears many hats–fitness professional, spouse, Mom, author, speaker, coach and advocate for postpartum women’s needs. Jenn has been an active, loyal and dedicated Todd Durkin Masterminder for 5+ years and is an exceptional leader and person.

I encourage all of you to learn more about Jenn; her passions, programs, goals and dreams.

Thank you Jenn Lormand for your time and SERVICE to so many!

These are the kind of interviews that are great to listen to while you are out taking the dog for a walk, you are out for a run, or while you are driving the car to work. Take a listen and get a nugget or two of inspiration and wisdom.

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