Tools of the Titans


You hear me say it every day at Fitness Quest 10, Social media, BOOTCAMP, Mastermind, or when I am presenting … “GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!”

I found myself saying a version of my mantra while reading a Chapter from one of my recommended reads for January: “TOOLS OF the TITANS” by Timothy Ferris. Great book by the way and I’m really enjoying it.

I am really “absorbing” and liking Tim’s book and find myself reading at least ONE CHAPTER per day. But the way he has written it encourages you to skip around to other chapters also because he cross-references other “titans” within chapters and provides the page number to hop over to.

The way he has written the book reminds me of the WOW BOOK in that you could technically read any chapter at any time and you do not have to go “in order.” He features ONE “accomplished” person per chapter and shares the highlights of a LIVE interview/meeting he had with the person. The macro sections of the book are named: HEALTHY, WEALTHY and WISE.

I scanned ALL three sections and to my surprise, in a sense, I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger listed under the WEALTHY section, not the HEALTHY section. Well, I guess he is both! 🙂

I know Arnold is worth a lot of money but he did get his start after-all being a Body Building icon for many years (5 Mr. Universe titles and 7 Mr. Olympia titles) and has been very influential in the health and fitness space.

So I poured into the interview with Arnold.

Here are my TAKE AWAYS:

#1 Arnold had his MIND RIGHT, like ENTIRELY RIGHT when he was competing!

“I wasn’t there to COMPETE. I was there to WIN.”

Arnold shared that his MINDSET at EVERY bodybuilding competition was that he would WIN. Supremely CONFIDENT.

WHY? “My confidence came from my VISION… I am a big BELIEVER that if you have a very CLEAR vision of where you WANT to go, then the rest is much easier.”

#2 Arnold used Psychological Warfare to throw his opponents off and GET AN EDGE on them during competition and “GET IN THEIR HEAD.”

ie. He would approach some of the heavier more “massive” bodybuilders and ask them, “Have you been sick for a while? You look skinnier than usual”
or “Have you been eating salty foods?” It looks like you have some water retention, you are not as ripped as the last time I saw you.”

He was getting in their heads!!!


Arnold knew he was different and was not interested in auditioning for the typical movie roles that other starving actors sought out. He challenged himself and used internal self-talk;
“How can I carve myself out a niche that only I have?”

Well in those days, no other actor was big and massive as Arnold, nor spoke with his unique accent.

The director of the TERMINATOR (the very first one) was attracted to Arnold’s size and his ability to talk and sound like a robot (machine).

The rest is history.

#4 MEDITATE for a YEAR…and GET BENEFITS for LIFE – “Disconnect Your Mind”

When Arnold’s movie career “took off” in a big way he started to get anxious and worried about which opportunities were the best to take. By chance he met a Transcendental Meditation (TM) teacher at Venice Beach one day and the teacher suggested he take a TM class in Westwood near UCLA. Arnold did take the class and it changed his Life and Career in a big way.

By “disconnecting his mind he was able to better FOCUS, REJUVENATE and calm down.”

“Because of TM I don’t merge and bring things together and see everything as one BIG problem. It takes each opportunity ONE CHALLENGE at a TIME.”

Arnold shared that after a while he was able to use his workouts, in some ways, as a form of meditation. For example, he said he would “put his mind inside his bicep while doing curls.”

Some great insights there from the Terminator. 4 distinct MINDSET approaches from a “Titan.”

Learn from the great ones guys. It never ends and we can ALL always get better.

Much love,


P.S. If you have not picked up this book yet, definitely do so. It’s full of some great pearls and there are lots of “health & fitness best practices” in there from other titans also on nutrition, meditation, fitness, cardio, etc. Always interesting to study other high-performers routines.

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