Top Tips to Maximize INSTAGRAM


I have a new trainer on staff named Kasey Arena. I first met her because she is a hired blogger for Under Armour. And Fitfluential. And she is A-A-A-mazing on INSTAGRAM. She has almost 25,000 followers on Instagram because she creates incredible content (follow her at @POWERCAKES). And has done all this in about 2-years.

Last summer, she served at the BLOGFEST at IDEA World and killed it. Well, now Kasey is training at Fitness Quest 10 and also helping us build our INSTAGRAM following.

And because we have a desire in the Mastermind to offer more webinars and more on leveraging social media, I asked Kasey to do a short webinar on her “TOP TIPS TO MAXIMIZE INSTAGRAM.”

See the link below in the P.S. I highly recommend to take 22 minutes and view Kasey’s webinar.

Remember Masterminders, “MARKETING” never sleeps, because if it does your business WILL die.

Social Media is a powerful medium and we must MASTER its use… INSTAGRAM is one of the tools you may want to strongly consider if it fits your avatar.

Thank You Kasey for an awesome and informative webinar! If you have a ton of questions on it, let me know and we can get Kasey on a future coaching call as well.


P.S. There is about a 10-15 second pause at the beginning of the replay before you hear Kasey’s voice, so hang-tight. After that, BE READY for some awesome info!

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