Value Added Coaching Program


Coach Larry here. Todd wanted me to get this thread out to you as a follow-up to the 4th Annual Mountain Retreat (Q&A) session that discussed how a VALUE-ADDED ACCOUNTABILITY COACHING program can be a great way to help generate $5000 in monthly revenue, in addition to others programs and products.

Todd launched such a program at FQ10 and created an entire structure for same. Now remember, some of the technology tools that we have available today did not exist back in 2010 and are not addressed, that said, the attachments included here, will give you some structure on how to best create a similar program for your existing and prospective clients.

Adding VALUE to your existing products/programs/services is a BEST BUSINESS PRACTICE and is GOOD BUSINESS.

Remember Masterminders, your clients WANT and NEED additional ACCOUNTABILITY; such a program can be a WIN-WIN for your CLIENTS and for your BUSINESS.


Coach Larry

Accountability Coach Program for Constant Contact–June 2009

Accountability Coach Program–June 2009

Accountability Coach Program–June 2009 (summary)

Accountability Member Questionnaire–June 2009–Final

Accountability Questionnaire for all participants–June 2009

Accountability Coach–Opening Letter and Logistics–June 30, 2009

Accountability Coach Meeting–June 29, 2009

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