Wouldn’t It Be Great If

by Jarod Cogswell, Platinum Level Coach

This phrase is a tough one for me… I believe in dreaming, but as years go by I realize that constantly thinking of what could be vs. loving what currently is can be a barrier to real happiness.

It’s a fun thought, but fantasizing about different circumstances isn’t something I do anymore. I live in the reality of now and I have learned to love what I have.

I have come to recognize the journey. I love the grind getting to where I want to go. I love earning what I get. I embrace my failures because I believe they make me stronger, wiser and prepare me for the next “battle”. Heck, I wouldn’t be here right now without those hard moments of the past!

I love the trenches of business. I love being in the game vs. sitting on my butt behind a computer. I embrace moments of suffering. I like hard work and the harder that it is the greater the sense of accomplishment.  For me, this all adds up to one of the reasons why I am passionate about climbing mountains… It’s NEVER easy. In fact, EASY SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME.

I also don’t believe in luck. Instead, I believe everything happens for a reason and you deserve what you get because 99% of the time it’s YOUR choices that get you to your predicament. Now it’s up to you to get out of the negative and maximize the positive.

I don’t think in terms of “What IF”… That’s all in the future. I’m focused on the moment and only on those people and things that help me and them get one percent better. I’m present. I’m aware. And I’m grateful for every good and bad thing that has happened because I love the person I am right NOW.

The phrase “Wouldn’t it be great IF” may conflict with the gift that we have right in front of us, but each day and every step of the way gets us closer to what we want to achieve that will fulfill our purpose. So with all of the above said…

Wouldn’t it be great IF… We all embraced right here, right NOW?

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