Wouldn’t It Be Nice…If We had It All Figured Out

Wouldn’t it be Nice If……..We Had it all Figured Out?
By Coach Jenn Lormand (TD4)

That’s how I felt 3 years ago… that I had figured this running a business thing out.  I had a staff of 5 trainers, a full time marketing person, an assistant, and I just delivered my 3rd baby.  I felt like we were on the tipping point of being able to triple our space and Life was good.  And then, as Todd would say, “God Disturbed my life”.

It was a Sunday evening.  My husband and I just got home from watching the Saints in the Dome. My 15month old baby was crying, but it was a different weaker cry than normal.  I tried to make eye contact with him, but it was like he wasn’t there, and then his body went limp.  He was dead, no pulse and no breath.

As I called 911 and my husband started CPR, I prayed like I’ve never prayed before.  I bartered with God.  Please God if you bring my baby back, I will spend more time with my family.  Please God if you bring him back, I will go to mass every single Sunday.  PLEASE GOD If you bring him back, I will give up EVERYTHING!

And Praise God, he did.  My son recovered from a seizure and is a healthy and very active almost 3 -year old.

That experience gifted me IMMEDIATE Perspective, on what is important.  God reminded me that I didn’t need to have it figured out because, He had my back and He was in control.

Sometimes as entrepreneurs, we hold on too tight to the wrong things. My need for figuring things out and executing on them well, had led me down a path of working 12-14 hour days with people that had negative energy.   But worst of all, I wasn’t spending enough time with the people that mattered the most to me: my husband and children.

So yes, I did Figure it out.  I realized that CHANGE is the only thing we 100% know will happen.  Our industry is in a state of constant Change, Technology is evolving faster and faster, and My children are changing every day.  Turbulence is inevitable.  By letting go and enjoying the ride, the turbulence steered me back on the path to my purpose and passion.  Being the best mom and wife that I can be, and becoming the ambassador to raise awareness for Women’s Pelvic Health.

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