Wouldn’t It Be Nice IF

Wouldn’t it be nice if….

I shared this question that Larry posed to the Mastermind Coaches last week.

I actually like the question a lot. It gets you thinking. It gets you dreaming. It gets you into conscious and “unconscious” mode.

So I personally answered the question with 25 of my own answers.

Wouldn’t it be nice IF….

  1. We all had the audacity to take ACTION on the dreams that inspire us the most.
  2. We weren’t guided or ruled by fear.
  3. Money was never an object of your desire because it came abundantly and manifested because of the work you do.
  4. Your relationships were full of harmony and happiness.
  5. Your body was free of tightness and pain and you felt so flexible and good. And your knees, and back, and shoulder didn’t hurt. 🙂
  6. Your spirit was soaring as God wants it to soar.
  7. Your days were full of smiles and laughter.
  8. Your gym attracted people that so desperately need your positivity and energy.
  9. You didn’t beat yourself up with negativity or self-incriminating thoughts. And that you filled your head up with positive thoughts.
  10. That you slept 8 hours every night. Got in a 30 minute power nap everyday. You ate only fruit, vegetables, and foods from the earth. And that you eliminated all processed foods and sugars from your diet.
  11. That you spent one hour in solitude a day. Journaling, meditating, praying, or just being.
  12. If you chunked your time so much where you only looked at your phone and responded to texts, tweets, IG, and FB at designated times 2x per day.
  13. You could BE MORE.
  14. Excel beyond your wildest dreams because you’re willing to risk more, dream more, and BE MORE.
  15. Be guided by what EXCITES you, not by that which you FEAR. Attack FEAR and conquer it.
  16. You could tell yourself “I am worth it” about 100x a day.
  17. You could take a“5-star” vacation in the next 90-days.
  18. You could donate your “current salary” this year to charity starting in 5 years from now. This is due to you making 10x of what you are making now.
  19. There was a cure to cancer.
  20. And that mental disease didn’t run rampant.
  21. That we viewed money as ENERGY and not as something we covet. And we all need more ENERGY.
  22. We had the courage to live our wildest dreams.
  23. We said YES more often to what we DO want…and NO more often to what we don’t want.
  24. That we got our Mastermind together 4x a year. 2 “business” meetings a year and 2 “socials” revolving around skiing or beach. Gotta love just hanging out with other Thoroughbreds.
  25. That you really knew and believed your DREAMS can come true. Because they CAN!!!

These “thoughts” are nothing more than mantras. And they are good for the spirit. They are good for the soul. They get your energy aligned with your intentions.

Some of them will or will not come true. And there is nothing wrong with that. But imagine if you printed this out or created your own and read this EVERYDAY. I guarantee you that your mindset, thought-process, risk-taking, action-steps, presence, and energy would all increase.

Which one(s) most resonate with you?

Create a great day Masterminders. Love you.


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