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Build a Better Business & Life in 2021

Fellow trainers, coaches and fitness pros:

Are you ready for massive success? Are you ready to be motivated to a level that can finally propel you to achieve what you want/desire? Do you want and need more accountability to help expedite your results?

If so, I want to personally coach you and help you reach your goals and fulfill your dreams. I want to help you IMPACT more people in your community and more people globally. I believe that all people have a life worth telling a story about. And I want to help YOU craft up your best business and life and live your deepest purpose.

The program is called the Todd Durkin Mastermind Group and for 10 plus years, I have been leading and coaching some of the hungriest, most passionate fit-pros on the planet. And now I want to help YOU!

Regardless of where you live, the Todd Durkin Mastermind program is primarily done online in the comforts of your own home/office with regular coaching calls, webinars, Facebook private groups, a “members-only” website with incredible content, and exclusive emails from me and my team that are guaranteed to give you about 10 big “ahas” per month.

As a member of my exclusive coaching program, here are a few of the benefits you will receive:

1. Expert Coaching!

I take great pride in “personally” coaching my Mastermind teammates in the areas of personal-development, leadership, business, marketing and “in the trenches” acumen. My team of PLATINUM Level Coaches assist me in delivering a world-class coaching experience and are the best in the industry, bar none! Additionally, the support, feedback, and sharing with your fellow Mastermind teammates is a great source of accountability and always proves to be extremely beneficial.

2. World class content

Over a period of 10 plus years, my team and I have developed and continue to develop relevant, impactful and useful content that can be readily applied to growing your business and improving your life.

As a leader in the fitness industry, I share daily, weekly, and monthly lessons, real-life experiences, presentations, interviews and “behind-the-scenes” inner workings of my gym, Fitness Quest 10 (voted by Men’s Health as one of America’s Top 10 Gyms for the past 5 years). Content is “king” and the Todd Durkin Mastermind is second to none in this area.

3. Innovative Delivery

I deliver world-class content in innovative ways that make it possible for you to experience from the comforts of your home or office. Monthly videos, webinars, coaching calls, interviews, podcasts, a private Facebook group and then some… are all used.

Our finest content is archived to a user-friendly “Mastery Series” that is a “ready” resource for you to use at your convenience, 24/7/365. This “Mastery Series” features tips, tools & tactics to help you improve in the ares of: Personal Development, Business, Leadership, Marketing and In-The-Trenches Coaching.  Others may promise; the Todd Durkin Mastermind delivers!

4. “LIVE” Retreats

The power of a “LIVE” connection is priceless. Learning one, two, or 10 game-changing ideas at a live retreat is priceless. All levels of my Mastermind are invited to connect with myself, my PLATINUM Team of Coaches and all of their fellow Mastermind Teammates twice a year at WOW venues that are designed to inspire the mind, body, and soul in a world-class environment.

Exclusive Access to the Todd Durkin Mastery Series with Membership! 

My personal, 100% Guarantee!

I am so confident in my coaching program that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your experience in my program. I can honestly tell you that in 10 years of coaching trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, group exercise instructors, chiropractors, physical therapists, Pilates instructors in this program, I have NEVER had one person ask for their money back. And that ranges from fit pros that are new in the field on up to seasoned, 20+year veterans that are other current leaders in the field. I pride myself in being the BEST coaching program in the fitness industry and I’m willing to put a 100% guarantee on that!

-Todd Durkin MA, CSCS


Meet Todd

Performance Coach, Author, Speaker, Founder of Fitness Quest 10 Lead Training Advisor, Under Armor Head Coach, Todd Durkin Mastermind.

My mission in life is to “Inspire millions to greatness and create IMPACT everyday.” That’s what I do. As a trainer, I am still in the trenches everyday with some of the most elite, pro athletes in the world from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and MMA. And when I teach my “TD Fitness Classes,” I get to reach the everyday fitness enthusiast desiring better health, less stress, and improved fitness performance.

As a business owner, I lead 38 employees at my award-winning gym, Fitness Quest 10. It is there that we motivate, educate, and inspire souls to live their best every day. We are driven to transform minds, bodies, and spirits in the most positive, motivating atmosphere on the planet.

As your Mastermind Head Coach, I get to coach and share with the hungriest, most passionate fitness professionals around the globe. These are fit pros that want to surround themselves with the best-of-the-best.

Todd Durkin



It is imperative in life to play with passion. And the more energy, passion, and enthusiasm you exude, you will be like a lighthouse radiating positive light. In order to do that, you must be living your best practices, making great choices, and immersing yourself in daily, on-going learning. My Mastermind program will help you renew, restore, and fuel your deepest passion.



There is nothing more important in life than identifying and living your deepest purpose in life. It takes courage, discipline, practice, and faith to do that. But purpose fuels your passion and passion in turn fuels purpose. The TD Mastermind will help you professionally and personally live your life’s deepest purpose.



At the end of the day, we all want to know that we made an extraordinary contribution and difference in the universe. We want to know our life was special and that we positively influenced many people. We want to be successful and we want to be significant. In order to do that, you must PLAN success, systemize it, and take ACTION on what is MOST necessary (even if it scares you!) to achieve what you want in your life.



The Todd Durkin Mastermind Group is all about helping YOU craft up your most amazing business & life. It’s going to help fuel your passion. The Mastermind will help you discover and live your deepest purpose. And it will undoubtedly help you create maximum impact in all you do. I look forward to helping coach, lead, serve and be your teammate.

Meet Our Coaches

Todd Durkin

Founder TDMM


Frank Pucher

Platinum Level Coach
TD 1


Larry Indiviglia

Platinum Level Coach
TD 2


Kelli Watson

Platinum Level Coach
TD 3


Jarod Cogswell

Platinum Level Coach
TD 4

Bob Poston

Platinum Level Coach
TD 5


Your journey to uncover your business potential





Andrew Simpson

There are investments and there are expenses. Expenses are costs that you never recoup. The TDMM is an investment. If you want to 10x your business, relationships, finances, and LIFE, invest in this passionate group of fitness professionals.

Players Fitness and Performance

If you want to grow, you have to invest in yourself and your leadership. If you are willing to take action, the TDMM will give you the fuel you need. Yours thoughts, your conversations and your relationships greatly influence your life and your daily success. The TDMM is your best solution.

Bay Athletic Club | Team Rockstar Fit

Invest in yourself now, to live the life you deserve. Todd is truly the most inspirational leader in our industry.

AYC Health & Fitness


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